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2023 Volvo XC60 T8 Ultimate Review in Malaysia - This IS my (460hp) final form!


This 2nd-gen XC60 has been around a while now, and after years of facelifts, the literal ‘Ultimate’ version of it has emerged here with chiseled Nordic looks, practicality, luxury, 460hp, and acceleration ferocious to make the loudest passenger shut their mouth mid-gasp.

It’s also the EV that you technically never have to plug-in if you don’t want to, but can deliver some 80km on a full battery without using a drop of petrol.

As ahead of the curve as it first was back in 2017, and even with its rivals catching up to it by 2023, the XC60 most definitely holds up. So, is it as good as it thinks it is?


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