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2024 Proton S70: How the S50 jumped up to the C-segment and why it makes perfect sense


The Proton S50 - or should we call it the S70 now - has seemingly gotten a shock bump up to the C-segment to become the sedan equivalent of the X70. But why? And does it even belong there?

Armed with the S70 name, it'll definitely shake up the space in Malaysia as the current entrenched contenders the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Mazda 3 are gradually pushing their prices up. But Proton stands a chance to undercut them hugely if the starting price of the S70 winds up below RM100,000.

With a turbocharged engine rumoured across the range, a full suite of ADAS safety features, and plenty else to like, the S70 is a welcome flavour change from the brand's SUVs of late. Can it fly where its spiritual predecessor, the Preve, floundered?


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