2022 Honda Civic Singapore Launch Confirmed For 12 August


2022 Honda Civic Singapore Launch Confirmed For 12 August

In just under a week after the 11th-generation 2022 Honda Civic breached ASEAN with its Thailand launch on August 6th, its Singapore premiere is now confirmed to be scheduled for the following Thursday, August 12th.

Honda Civic 2022 launched in Singapore

Honda Singapore, under exclusive distributor Kah Motor, will be holding a live virtual launch at 8:30pm to reveal the all-new C-segment sedan, though just how similar the range will be to the recently debuted Thai-spec Civic remains to be seen.

2022 Honda Civic - Preview

That said, given that Singapore-bound Civics are to be assembled in Thailand at the automaker’s plant in Prachinburi, east of Bangkok, there’s a strong possibility that spec overlap will be significant.

As an example, these Civics are likely to follow the Thailand car’s sole powertrain package, that being the ‘VTEC Turbo’ L15B7 turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, but will it be arranged in the same variant tiers: EL, EL+, and the range-topping RS? Honda Sensing, just like the Thai-spec all-new Civics, are bound to be standard fitment.

2022 Honda Civic - Sensing

With car prices in Singapore varying wildly with the rest of the region, however, the Civic won’t be nearly as affordable as it in neighbouring regions, but should be within the same range of the equivalent 10th-generation version now outgoing.

Of course, we’re looking forward to seeing how the Singapore-spec Civic differs as that might give us a hint at what to expect when the 2022 car gets its Malaysian launch. So far, with two major ASEAN countries getting launches in such close succession, we do wonder long we will have to wait until the car arrives on our shores.

2022 Honda Civic

Will we even see it here by the end of 2021? Given the fact that showrooms and many local assembly operations are still halted due to lockdown restrictions under the National Recovery Program, that prospect seems doubtful.

Still, Honda Malaysia might surprise us with a preview of the car prior to its arrival in local showrooms, giving us a taste of what the car will be like when it does finally make its entrance, and perhaps even opening the order books earlier than expected.

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