2022 Honda HR-V + BR-V Get 5-Star Safety Score From ASEAN NCAP


2022 Honda HR-V + BR-V Get 5-Star Safety Score From ASEAN NCAP

ASEAN NCAP has awarded two of Honda’s latest SUVs, the 3rd-generation HR-V and 2nd-generation BR-V, with a full 5-star safety rating. Surprised?

This should come as little surprise as Honda is well known for prioritising safety when it comes to standard equipment and vehicle construction, especially with the most recent HR-V. By comparison, the BR-V’s handicap is that it’s built upon the older generation.

2022 Honda HR-V Crash Test Side Impact

3rd-gen HR-V and 2nd-gen BR-V get ASEAN NCAP 5-Star

Still, the BR-V scored 77.02 overall next to the HR-V’s score of 81.38 - if only a 77 score got me an A in school. Sigh.

Both cars had very comparable scores when it came to Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), probably the most important crash test safety metric, with 35 points for the HR-V and 33.72 for the BR-V out of a possible maximum score of 40 points. Meanwhile, Child Occupant Safety was, respectively, 17.81 and 17.46 out of a possible maximum of 20 points. Again, quite similar.

Skipping ahead a little to the Safety Assist category where Honda Sensing was put in the hot seat in both to test for comprehensiveness and effectiveness, the HR-V took a score of 18.57 while the BR-V managed a solid 15.71

2022 Honda HR-V Crash Test

It’s also worth noting that the HR-V was tipped to ace the ASEAN NCAP testing regime, it fell short while being tested by the more stringent Euro NCAP, yielding a less-than-perfect 4-star rating.

On these results, MIROS Director-General and ASEAN NCAP Secretary-General, Dr. Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim said: “We are pleased that Honda is one of the vehicle manufacturers that consistently ensures their models have both passive and active safety technologies. Apart from increasing the safety level for the vehicle occupants, Honda has also made the initiative to equip their SUVs with technologies that are able to avoid collisions with vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists,”

“One such technology is the Autonomous Emergency Braking for Motorcycle in which the technology is able to detect the presence of the preceding motorcycle and subsequently avoid collision with it. We have seen Honda equip similar technology in the Civic model and now consumers who favor SUV as their family vehicle will also benefit from this life-saving technology.”

Honda Sensing

“In addition to the importance of protecting occupants from injury due to collision, ASEAN NCAP has also placed special emphasis on the safety of children inside vehicles. We have read cases before where children were accidentally left inside vehicles, which is something that we can indeed avoid,”

“Hence, we are proud that Honda has also installed Child Presence Detection technology in the HR-V model as a standard equipment whilst the technology is available in the BR-V either as standard or optional fitment. By having this special technology, we are able to prevent incidences where children were accidentally left in the vehicles and consequently avert such unavoidable death,” he added.

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