2024 ORA Good Cat 500 Ultra gets Pistachio Green colour and matching interior for Malaysia


2024 ORA Good Cat 500 Ultra gets Pistachio Green colour and matching interior for Malaysia

Great Wall Motor (GWM) Malaysia is introducing the Pistachio Green exterior option for the Ora Good Cat, adding another distinctive shade to the EV’s eclectic palette of choices.

The unique green colour is exclusively offered on the higher-tier 500 Ultra variant, priced at RM169,800. The base 400 Pro model, in case you were wondering, kicks the range off at RM139,800.

Opting for Pistachio Green brings an interior boasting a specific two-tone scheme - light cream for the upholstery, pastel green for the dash/door card panelling and seat accents, with orange highlights for contrast. Additionally, a paw print motif adorns the front of the centre armrest to remind you of its feline association.

The 400 Pro and 500 Ultra are powered by a 143 PS/210 Nm front-mounted electric motor, capable of accelerating the EV from zero to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds with a top speed of 152 km/h. However, they vary in battery capacity and composition.

The 400 Pro features a 47.8 kWh lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery offering up to 400 km of range (NEDC cycle). Charging via the 6.6 kW AC route takes eight hours, while DC charging at 60 kW requires 46 minutes to reach an 80% state-of-charge.

On the other hand, the 500 Ultra is equipped with a 63.1 kWh ternary lithium battery, providing up to 500 km of travel range (NEDC). AC charging takes around 10 hours for a full charge, while DC fast charging at 60 kW takes approximately 40 minutes to reach an 80% state-of-charge.

Both the 400 Pro and 500 Ultra offer similar features, including a multi-function steering wheel, two USB ports for front occupants, one USB outlet for rear occupants, one USB port for the digital video recorder, and an additional power outlet. A seven-inch multi-information display accompanies a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment unit supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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