307 Biker Convoy Caught In PDRM Roadblock, Many Issued Summonses


307 Biker Convoy Caught In PDRM Roadblock, Many Issued Summonses

A motorcycle convoy 307 riders strong was caught in a roadblock near Tanjung Malim over the weekend, set up by PDRM’s Traffic division.

They awaited along a federal road after hearing reports through social media about a large group of motorcyclists riding along the North-South highway. Following additional investigation, they learned that the same convoy would be taking narrower roads toward a restaurant.

Polis Trafik Roadblock - PDRM Ipoh

In a statement issued after the one-day roadblock operation concluded, Muallim district police chief Mohd Hasni Mohd Nasir said: “The Muallim district police then deployed 28 officers and rank-and-file personnel to conduct the roadblock for the purpose of inspecting the motorcycles. The operation from 9am to 4pm saw 307 bikers being issued with summonses while another five summonses were issued to other vehicles.”

Typically, such large convoy participants police themselves to ensure the easy-going nature of their activities, such as to ensure to not attract unwanted attention from the authorities. However, the officers found numerous guilty of a number of violations.

PDRM Ipoh - Roadblock

Though minor in severity, the sheer number of riders involved meant that the count of summons issued for offences was significant, ranging from having expired road tax, no rear view mirrors, using modified/illegal exhaust pipes, having incomplete or fancy number plates, not in compliance with JPJ regulation, and most dangerous of all, riding without a license.

While these riders had likely not set out to cause harm or endanger the public, having that many motorcycles clog up federal roads can only be a recipe for disaster. We get it, everyone enjoys taking a road trip with some friends or even like-minded acquaintances, but doing so at such a large scale and involving others that are blatantly ignoring the law (such as riding without a license) sours the mood for the rest of us who want to drive or ride safely for recreation.

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