Motorcycle Accidents Account For Highest Deaths On Kuala Lumpur Roads

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Motorcycle Accidents Account For Highest Deaths On Kuala Lumpur Roads

This new statistic probably will not come as a surprise when compared with accident victims in cars in most cities, but for Kuala Lumpur at least, motorcyclists are still very much at risk by an considerable majority, writes Bernama. 

During the first seven months of this year (January to July), there were 131 deaths. That number matches the road fatalities over that same period in 2014 almost exactly, with the split between motorcycle and car accidents split similarly as well. 

Kuala Lumpur Road Safety Department director Subashini Jane Anthony was at the 2015 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, an annual event celebrated around the world on the third Sunday of November to commemorate traffic accident victims. 

She said to reporters: “Based on that figures, the number of fatalities due to motorcycle accidents recorded from Janaury to July this year were 85 cases compared to 79 cases during the same period last year, an increase of six cases,”

“This is a worrying trend, there are various factors that contribute to these cases but personally I think road users themselves have to change their mentality and attitude on the roads.”

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