Geely Reveals Stunning 2023 Boyue L - CMA Platform, Luxury Interior, Advanced Hybrids


Geely Reveals Stunning 2023 Boyue L - CMA Platform, Luxury Interior, Advanced Hybrids

This is the Geely Boyue L, an all-new SUV model to slot above the smaller Boyue (which is what our Proton X70 is based on). Like the larger Xingyue L, this is also built upon the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform used by the Volvo XC90, among others.

It’s no surprise given how big the Boyue L looks in pictures which, despite the name, bares very little resemblance visually or dimensionally to the ‘normal’ Boyue. The L designation denotes its extended wheelbase at 2,777mm (107mm longer than the Proton), as reported by Car News China.

2023 Geely Boyue L - China - Reveal

Proton's Next X70?

However, it is also implied that without that added length between axles, this is the incoming Boyue that could eventually wear a Proton badge as the new X70 as the current-generation car is based on a car first released in 2016 and definitely ripe for a full-blown refresh.

As refreshes go, there’s no vehicle in Geely’s line-up that more dramatically contrasts the older Boyue than this Boyue L. It looks positively futuristic in its sharp lines, a front-end design and front illumination combo that’ll get Cadillac’s legal team fired up, and wheels that look oversized enough to be on a concept car.

2023 Geely Boyue L - China - Reveal

Despite being a finished product revealed to the public with few changes due before it hits showrooms in China in Q4 2022, there is a surprising amount of gaps in available information about the Boyue L.

The interior, for example, remains mostly shrouded in mystery besides a teaser showing a screen-heavy dashboard with a very large 13.2-inch infotainment screen oriented vertically and a smaller but equally freestanding digital instrument cluster. Both run on Geely’s Galaxy OS Air operating system which, surprisingly, isn’t yet patented by Samsung.

2023 Geely Boyue L - China - Reveal - Interior Teaser

Turbo-Petrols And Impressive Hybrids

In terms of powertrains, these are led by a pair of turbocharged petrol engines of 1.5-litre or 2.0-litre capacity producing, respectively, 183PS/290Nm or 220PS and 325Nm mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission - probably identical or very similar to the one that debuted in Malaysia alongside the Proton X70 facelift.

Two electrified versions will be offered as a series hybrid or plug-in hybrid and both use the smaller 1.5-litre engine with an integrated electric motor and a 3-speed dedicated hybrid transmission from Geely’s Leishen Power powertrain division.

2023 Geely Boyue L - China - Reveal

We’ll have more information as it comes about the Boyue L while also counting down the days until it is hopefully confirmed that this is indeed a taste of what we can expect the next-generation Proton X70 to be. Can't get here soon enough!

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