Perodua B-Segment SUV Incoming?


Perodua B-Segment SUV Incoming?

Perodua is currently researching the possibilities of creating a full-fledged B-segment SUV to challenge the Proton X50 and Honda HR-V.

According to rumours through the grapevine, Perodua has invited members of the public to conduct a market survey on an unnamed B-segment SUV. If this is true, then this will be Perodua's third SUV, after the Ativa and Aruz. 

Perodua B-Segment SUV

Most of you must be wondering, isn't the Ativa already a B-segment SUV? Yes, it is, but the cute little Ativa is just an entry-level B-segment SUV, much smaller than full B-segment models such as the Proton X50 or the Honda HR-V.

Since it's just a rumour, for now, details of the model are unclear, but it is likely to be based on the DNGA-B platform, seen on the Toyota Avanza and the new generation Perodua Alza. The DNGA-B platform is larger than the DNGA-A platform used by the Perodua Ativa.

Perodua B-segment SUV rear

The new B-segment SUV is said to have a coupe-like look going for it (as depicted in Theophilus Chin's rendering of the SUV) but will be given a very similar face to the Ativa. Powerplant wise, the larger Perodua B-segment SUV is rumoured to be getting the 1.5-litre Dual VVT-i 2NR-VE engine, as seen on the new generation Avanza that has already been launched in Indonesia

The engine will have the same performance numbers as the Avanza, coming in at 106 PS and 137 Nm of torque (102 PS on the current Myvi). In addition, it has also been said that the Perodua B-segment SUV will get a D-CVT, just like the current Myvi.

Perodua B-Segment SUV, white front view

Like most Peroduas these days, it is expected to come equipped with Perodua's ASA driving safety assistance system, similar to the Ativa and Myvi and an infotainment system with a nine-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay support.

If the Perodua B-segment SUV is priced smart, say between the Perodua Ativa (RM62k- RM72k) and Proton X50 (RM79k - RM103k), then Perodua will have another winner in its books - especially when you consider Perodua's reputation of making reliable cars with good after-sales support.  

Perodua B-segment SUV, red rear

However, the Perodua B-segment SUV is unlikely to make an appearance anytime soon, as Perodua has yet to introduce the new generation Alza and facelift Axia and Aruz. Therefore, we can probably expect the unveiling of the SUV to be carried out in 2023 at the earliest. 

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