Tesla Model Y Unveiled, Able To Drive Itself To You


Tesla Model Y Unveiled, Able To Drive Itself To You

Tesla has unveiled its fourth model that takes the form of a sporty looking crossover.

The new Model Y will be offered in three variants initially, with the fourth entry-variant joining the line-up only nine months later in Spring 2021.  

Starting with the Long Range 2WD variant, the Model Y is expected to deliver a realistic range of 480 kilometres. A dual-motor Long Range AWD variant offers more power (range reduces to 450 km) and also asks for a US$4,000 premium over the US$47,000 2WD variant.

The Performance variant meanwhile offers supercar-like acceleration, with the 0 to 96 km/h benchmark sprint achieved in just 3.5 seconds. Tesla has priced the Model Y Performance from US$60,000, and that includes sports suspension, performance braking system, and large 20-inch wheels.

Starting at US$39,000, the Standard Range is no slouch either, with the benchmark sprint requiring less than 6 seconds. Being equipped with perhaps a smaller battery pack, the range is reduced to 370 kilometres on a single charge.

Tesla has maximized the cabin space to accommodate an optional third-row seat and all driving interface is communicated with the large 15-inch touchscreen, similar to the Tesla 3.

The Model Y will also have Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability on top of the Autopilot - both optional features - enabling automatic driving on city streets, where regulations allow. With the FSD function, the Model Y is capable of adapting to traffic lights (stop, wait, and go) and even overtake slower cars.

Tesla says with FSD, the Model Y will drive itself to you while you wait at a parking lot.

This fourth model also completes Tesla’s co-founder, Elon Musk, initial desire to have a line-up of 'SEXY' passenger vehicles, with the models S, 3, X, and now Y. Model 3 could not be named Model E due to protest from Ford Motor Company.