VIDEO: Audi And MPV Get Into A Hilarious/Moronic Shoving Game Over Who Goes First


VIDEO: Audi And MPV Get Into A Hilarious/Moronic Shoving Game Over Who Goes First

You know how drivers of certain brands of car have certain preconceived notions about their behaviour put onto them? I won’t name the brands or even the cars, but let’s dive into the core of whether they are justified. 

In this regard, we also have no idea. But we do know they exist, and we do know certain drivers German marques are have been known to drive according to this usually negative stereotype. Spoiler, there aren’t any positive stereotypes, if you’re wondering. 

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So this video shows an Audi A5 Sportback (S5 Sportback? Too little resolution, can’t confirm) having an entirely childish intimidation game with a small MPV on a highway as to who has the right of way to go ahead first. Not sure who came into who’s lane here, but at this point it doesn’t matter as they both refuse to give the other an inch. 

Frustrated and butthurt, the Audi driver drives onto the other lane (nearly hitting a truck) and veers back at the MPV, slamming it out of the lane. The MPV is hit but not beaten, and keeps pressuring the Audi driver. The side-by-side game of shove continues until the Audi driver uses his/her car’s weight and power advantage to push the tiny MPV to the curb, presumably to settle the argument with a game of chess and a handshake. 

This sort of infantile driving and refusal to yield no matter what really has no place on any street in any country. While fun to watch, it speaks volumes about each the tedious insecurities of both these drivers. How pathetic. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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