With a warranty up to 7 years, BMW Premium Selection makes ownership worry-free


With a warranty up to 7 years, BMW Premium Selection makes ownership worry-free

When it comes to luxury automobiles, BMW has long been a symbol of precision engineering, performance, and elegance, which perfectly explains why their cars are so sought after across generations.

With BMW Premium Selection, everyone’s dream of possessing their own dream BMW has just become that much closer to reality thanks to their promise of a worry-free buying and ownership experience, backed up by warranty coverage of up to 7 years.

To the discerning buyer, they are offering the unique opportunity to own a BMW Certified Used Car, presenting exceptional value for money. Rather than merely buying a used car, one is investing in a certified, high-quality BMW that has been meticulously inspected and maintained to meet the brand's exact standards.

It all starts with their 360-degree visual and technical inspections that meticulously cover every inch and performance metric of a given BMW vehicle.

This intense scrutiny also takes into account the car’s service history and background information, identifying issues or potential deficiencies related to its visual or technical aspects.

All vehicle inspections and maintenance work are documented so you can be sure that any BMW Premium Selection vehicle has been cared for and worked on by authorised experts using original BMW parts.

Owning a BMW Premium Selection vehicle also comes with the assurance of 24/7 Roadside Assistance as their team of qualified customer specialists are on standby 365 days a year to provide remote aid or arrange for an on-the-spot responder.

BMW Roadside Assistance will cover the cost of towing the vehicle to the nearest BMW Authorised Dealership should it not be possible for the dispatched technician to resolve the issue on-site. If necessary, alternative travel plans and a replacement vehicle can also be arranged. This service ensures that you're never stranded and can enjoy uninterrupted driving pleasure.

Confident in the durability and resilience of the cars that they certify, BMW Premium Selection vehicles come with a warranty of up to 7 years for utmost peace of mind.
The extended warranty programme covers 15 major vehicle components, including: engine, gearbox, steering system, braking system, drive suspension, air conditioning system, electrical system, and safety system.

To make the path to ownership as smooth as possible, customers will also be provided with flexible financing options to suit individual budgets and preferences, with different plans and benefits at every step while delivering a hassle-free transactions and documentation process.

BMW Straight Line Financing, for example, lets buyers repay their loan and interest through equal monthly payments while BMW Engage provides convenience in submitting your financing application online for instant pre-approval even before the actual shopping process begins.

All in all, the BMW Premium Selection program goes above and beyond to ensure an end-to-end solution to BMW ownership and customer satisfaction comprehensive suite that redefine the pre-owned car buying experience.

With its unwavering commitment to quality at every level, BMW Premium Selection is a testament to the brand's dedication to delivering the ultimate driving experience, ultimate value, and ultimate peace of mind to Malaysians everywhere.

Visit your nearest BMW Premium Selection dealership today or find out more at www.bmwpremiumselection.com.my.


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