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Bukit Aman Has Rejected 114,474 Interstate Travel Applications Since June 1st

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Bukit Aman Has Rejected 114,474 Interstate Travel Applications Since June 1st

Being able to travel interstate in this day and age is a privilege, not a right – and Bukit Aman has done their best to avoid people abusing that privilege, rejecting 114,474 interstate travel applications. 

It’s easy to think that the authorities have been handing out interstate travel permits left and right given the long traffic jams at tolls leading out of state, but the reality is that the vast majority of these people have valid reasons to be travelling. When you consider that since June 1st, only 4,670 compounds were issued for failure to comply with movement control orders, that’s a pretty small proportion of the population that is flouting.

In addition to this, Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department director Datuk Zainal Abidin Kasim said that 114,474 applications for interstate travel have been rejected since June 1st for a variety of reasons – including the inability to provide the right medical documents and not being long-distance partners.

That last note specifically refers to the fact that the government announced relaxed interstate travel measures for those who are vaccinated against COVID-19, more specifically for married couples living in different states and parents who had children under 18 living in another state – although this relaxation only came into effect just over two weeks ago.

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