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Efkon Asia Introduces SmartTag-Compatible Reader, Priced At RM143

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Efkon Asia Introduces SmartTag-Compatible Reader, Priced At RM143

Efkon Asia, the Austrian technology provider of the SmartTag infrared toll system in Malaysia has introduced its own E-Tag device, compatible with the existing SmartTag infrastructure. Sigma Technology is one such company that has licensed the SmartTag infrared technology from Efkon and has started to market its own device called MaxTag.

The E-Tag devices can be found at brick and mortar locations including accessories shop while MaxTag devices will be available online at Lazada and 11street. Both the E-Tag and MaxTag devices will be sold at RM143.

Helmuth Blasch, the director of Efkon Asia said, “Both E-TAG and MaxTAG feature new microprocessors and enhanced display for even better performance and reliability.  These proven Infra-Red TAG devices provide peace of mind to users by providing secure transactions with the exact toll amount paid immediately visible.  Most importantly, there is no possibility of cloning and risk of losing control of your finances through incorrect deductions.”

He added that the infrared devices are cost-effective solutions for frequent highway users as they are built with a high-impact resistant casing.

According to Efkon Asia, they have rectified the issues with the early batch of the slim SmartTag devices, as some issues were caused due to cost-cutting measures. The company rectified the issues under warranty and identified the cause and fixed them.

Speaking of warranty, a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects is offered, though buyers can opt to add another 2 years of warranty for better peace of mind (valid for online purchases only). The additional 2-year warranty will set buyers back for just an extra RM15.

Efkon Asia also recommends that users use super alkaline-type batteries by GP, Duracell, or Energizer for optimum performance.

Moving forward, Efkon Asia plans to introduce a line of built-in infrared devices available as another option for buyers. These built-in devices can be found in the all-new Perodua Myvi and Toyota Rush.

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