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SmartTag Lives On, Efkon Guarantees Owners Of Continued Support

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SmartTag Lives On, Efkon Guarantees Owners Of Continued Support

Efkon Asia Sdn Bhd, the Austrian technology provider of the SmartTag system in Malaysia has guaranteed users in Malaysia that the company will continue to provide sales and service support for the system.

This is in light of the recent announcement by Touch n Go, which stated that the company will cease the sales of SmartTag devices through its channels.

Efkon Asia plans to introduce sales and service network throughout the country by October 2018 to ensure wider availability and convenience for its users.

Additionally, customers now have more options for their SmartTag device, as various brands have started to introduce their own device. MaxTag by Sigma Technology is one such device, and is already on sale on Lazada.

“In Germany, a similar Infra-Red System has proven to be effective and reliable in multi-lane traffic free flow environment for speeds above 120 km/h. We have also successfully replicated this test in Malaysia. In contrast to simple solutions, the Infra-Red DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) System also provides high security and protection from cloning the TAG for misuse. We are confident that this Infra-Red TAG System with its 13-year track record and more than four million satisfied customers in this country, will continue to prove its worth as an efficient, convenient and cost-effective cashless toll collection system,” said Efkon Asia director Helmuth Blasch.

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