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Honda Waiting Period Can Be More Than 1 Year Due To Overwhelming Demand

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Honda Waiting Period Can Be More Than 1 Year Due To Overwhelming Demand

We know that the gap between booking a car and it actually being able to take delivery of it has been getting ever wider (or longer), and this issues seems to be perpetuating if other automakers are in the same boat as Honda Malaysia.

According to what has been communicated to from a reliable source, overwhelming demand has meant that deliveries for new bookings made in July for the all-new 11th-generation Civic and the incoming 3rd-generation HR-V are expected to only expected to be fulfilled in 12 months or more.

2022 Honda Civic RS 1.5T - Media Drive

Of course, this will depend on the variant and colour selected, and is subject to change as Honda Malaysia is most definitely making continuous efforts to manufacture and deliver vehicles as quickly as possible to reduce the wait and keep up with demand.

The second category of cars includes the Honda CR-V and Accord, both of which are expected to incur a waiting period of 8 months or more between booking and delivery.

Thirdly, the Honda City Hatchback, Honda City (sedan), and BR-V is said to come with a waiting period of 6 months or more.

2022 Honda HR-V - Media Drive - Thailand

It looks like there aren’t any models in Honda Malaysia’s range that were impacted by the delivery slowdown, which is most likely a byproduct of the flood of vehicle bookings that were made in the lead-up to the June 30th deadline for SST exemptions. All of the Honda models listed above and sold locally are assembled locally in Pegoh, near Alor Gajah in Melaka.

The same information concerning the estimated waiting period for different models is confirmed to have been relayed to the automaker’s dealer nationwide partners in order to properly advise their customers.

No. Model Waiting Period
1. Honda Civic More than 12 months 
2. All-New Honda HR-V  More than 12 months
3. Honda CR-V More than 8 months
4. Honda Accord More than 8 months
5. Honda City Hatchback  More than 6 months 
6. Honda City More than 6 months 
7. Honda BR-V More than 6 months 


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Jim Kem

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