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Proton sold 154,611 cars in 2023, its 5th year of consecutive growth

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Proton sold 154,611 cars in 2023, its 5th year of consecutive growth

Last year was a pretty good year for national automaker Proton as it has announced its best sales performance since 2012 with a total figure of 154,611 units (domestic + export) over the past 12 months.

It also marks the 5th consecutive year of growth for the brand and a 9.3% increase of their 2022 year-end figure at 141,432, handily maintaining its 2nd place ranking in overall sales, also for the 5th year running.

Proton’s market share is now calculated to be at a strong 19.4% (a 10.3% increase over 2022) on the back of a very strong year for new car sales overall with total industry volume at 794,948 units.

The automaker attributes this strong showing to multiple favourable factors, not merely for the launch of multiple new and highly anticipated new models, namely the X90 and S70 - though deliveries for the latter are only starting this year with more than 5,000 bookings have been received thus far.

For example, the Proton Exora saw a 4.6% uptick in sales in its final year of production, ending 2023 with 4,473 units sold to contribute to its title of most successful C-segment MPV in Malaysia with more than 194,000 units over the model’s production run.

Here were the best selling Protons for 2023:

  • Proton Saga - 70,184 units
  • Proton X50 - 31,829 units
  • Proton Persona - 24,362 units
  • Proton X70 - 11,200 units
  • Proton Iriz - 7,639 units
  • Proton X90 - 4,815 units
  • Proton Exora - 4,473 units

No doubt there’s the the S70 to contribute to Proton’s sales as we roll into the new year. However, there’s more to come from Proton in 2024 with the expected arrival of multiple major updates to their SUV lineup, namely the X50 MC1 and X70 MC2. There’s possibly some updates to the Iriz and Persona to look forward to.


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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