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Same Same, But Different: Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky vs Perodua Ativa


Same Same, But Different: Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky vs Perodua Ativa

We break down the major differences between the Perodua Ativa, Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize.

The recent debut of the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky in Indonesia means that the Perodua Ativa will not be exported there, which means that Perodua will be able to focus on satisfying local demand which is of course good news for all of you waiting for your new Perodua Ativa.

Since Daihatsu, Toyota and Perodua all had a say in the SUV's design at some point, many of its features will remain consistent across all three models, however, there are some differences between the fraternal triplets, so let's break it down.

Perdoua Ativa VS Daihatsu Rocky VS Toyota RaizeThe facial differences

The most apparent difference between the three SUVs is the front fascia. While they are all equipped with the same trapezoidal LED headlights, the smiley-faced grille on the Ativa is much larger than the one on the Daihatsu. The Toyota Raize sports an entirely different look altogether, with a slim gloss black strip at the top with a downturned lower grille at the bottom. 

DRL Toyota Raize, Perodua Ativa, Daihatsu RockyDifferent Day Time Running Lights

The other major difference at the front is the bumper-mounted LED daytime running lights on the Raize and Rocky. The Ativa only gets LED positioning lights in the headlights of the range-topping models, doubling as sequential indicators. 

Toyota Ativa, Daihatsu Rocky WheelsWheels and tyre

The Ativa's 17-inch wheel design is different from the Raize and Rocky.  Toyota equipped theirs with a six-spoke design and Daihatsu supplied theirs with a five-spoke design. The Perodua has a ten-spoke design, with five of them coloured in black. 

Also different are the 16-inch Ativa wheels, which have more of a split-spoke design rather than the turbine look of the others. The tyre sizes are also different on the Ativa, being slightly taller and wider at 205/60R17 and 205/65R16, versus the Rocky's and Raize's 195/60R17 and 195/65R16. 

Perdoua Ativa VS Daihatsu Rocky VS Toyota Raize ride heightSuspension

Perodua has equipped the Ativa with a stiffer suspension setup, catering to Malaysia's love for a sporty handling car. According to Perodua, the Ativa also rides 15 mm taller than the others (200mm vs 185mm) to better suit Malaysia's rough roads. However, in the writer's opinion, the taller ride height is more likely due to Malaysians penchant for commanding looking cars.

Perdoua Ativa VS Daihatsu Rocky VS Toyota Raize keyless entryKeyless entry

The Ativa's keyless entry system with touch-sensitive lock/unlock sensor is only fitted on the driver's door, while the Rocky and Raize have this on both the front doors, making it more convenient to operate. One thing common in this department: all of them get the keyless unlock function at the tailgate.

Perdoua Ativa VS Daihatsu Rocky VS Toyota Raize interiorInterior

Before we get into what's different inside, the cars are mostly identical on the interior front, with all of them getting the same dashboard design with hexagonal air vents and floating head units. The three-spoke steering wheels are all the same too.

The Raize and Rocky get round climate control knobs, while the Ativa on the other hand, sports a flat digital control panel with two memory buttons first seen on the current generation Myvi. The Ativa also gets a dedicated door lock/unlock button in the middle of the centre console next to the handbrake, but the Raize and Rocky do not get this feature.

According to some, the head unit on the Ativa is not the best, that might be because it is locally sourced but we had no complaints about the unit whatsoever during our review. It has the same nine-inch touchscreen size as the Daihatsu and Toyota, but the interface on the Ativa looks a little non-OEM. The Ativa also doesn't have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making do with the Smart Link mirroring feature. 

The Ativa gets a different seat upholstery combination compared to its Japanese cousins, coming with faux cowhide, accented with faux suede and red accents. The Raize and Rocky, on the other hand, get a classy looking faux leather and fabric combination. 

Perodua Ativa, Daihatsu Rocky, Toyota Raize drivetrainDrivetrain

All three models are powered by a 1.0 litre 1KR-VET turbocharged three-cylinder engine, producing 98 PS at 6,000 rpm and 140 Nm of torque from 2,400 to 4,000 rpm. 

There is a different powertrain option in Indonesia, with the Toyota Raize 1.2 G being powered by the WA-VE 1.2 litre naturally-aspirated three-cylinder engine that develops 88 PS at 6,000 rpm and 113 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

The Rocky will get this powertrain later on with a regular CVT transmission.

Front-wheel drive and D-CVT with seven virtual ratios is the only configuration available for the Ativa, but the Rocky and the Raize will get the option to have a five-speed manual as well as 4WD.

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