2022 Toyota Avanza Rendering - FWD And Hybrid Powertrain On The Cards


2022 Toyota Avanza Rendering - FWD And Hybrid Powertrain On The Cards

We take a look at the incoming third generation 2022 Toyota Avanza - an FWD layout and hybrid powertrain are on the cards.   

The first generation Toyota Avanza was introduced to the world via the Indonesian market at the end of 2003. Since then, it has had two different iterations, and the launch of the third generation model is expected to take place in 2022.

The second generation Avanza which is currently in many ASEAN markets, including Malaysia, received many improvements over time. For the Malaysian market, buyers were given an enhanced NR 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with Dual VVT-i in 2015, and the facelifted version in 2019 added on the much wanted Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems to the car as well as some new exterior and interior bits.

Second generation Toyota Avanza pre and post facelift

But enough about the second generation Avanza because we want to explore the third one. Unfortunately, Toyota has given no clue to what the mini MPV may look like, but it has not stopped a graphic designer from Indonesia named Bagas Satria Akbar from uploading a rendering of the 2022 Toyota Avanza that he designed. The image below shows the design of the sides and rear of this imagined 2022 Toyota Avanza.

2022 Toyota Avanza rendering

According to the designer, the rendering was made based on surfaced rumours about the 2022 Avanza/ Xenia. Since the leaked information received about this Avanza 2022 is relatively small, he mashed together the looks of the Rush/ Terios, Corolla Altis, and the current generation Avanza/ Xenia together, with the results as above.

However, he was unable to create another image showing the front of the 2022 Avanza as the information is thus far scarce.

Although this car has yet near its launch date, some rumours have circulated about the car, chief among them is that the third generation 2022 Toyota Avanza model is said to leave its rear-wheel-drive drivetrain and switch to a front-wheel-drive system to maximise fuel consumption and space.

Toyota Avanza competitors

If the rumours are true that it will be introduced as a front-wheel-drive MPV, then there will be no difference between it and the rest of the entry-level 7-seater MPV crew, such as the Perodua Aruz, Proton Exora, Mitsubishi XPANDER and Honda BR-V. 

Apparently, Indonesian Avanza loyalists have not received this rumour well, as many Avanza fans from Indonesia were initially interested in the Avanza because of its rear-wheel drivetrain. But then again, shouldn't they be happy with the outcome of this system change as it results in better fuel efficiency? It is, after all an entry-level MPV and not a lively little roadster.  

Apparently not, because they love it as the rear-wheel-drive system provides better grip and driving pleasure, especially when carrying a full load. The perfect combination for Indonesian roads many quips. 

Due to this, there are also rumours that the latest model Avanza (second generation) will continue to be maintained in the Indonesian market due to the high demand received for the rear-wheel-drive system.

Toyota Avanza

The rumours also suggest that Toyota is expected to introduce a front-wheel-drive model, which is said to be the successor to the Avanza under a new nameplate, while the existing Avanza model will remain in Indonesia and receive some improvements. The new model is also expected to come with a hybrid option. The name 'Veloz' is mentioned as the name for the model that will be introduced in 2022. For those who do not know, Veloz is the highest variant name for Toyota Avanza in Indonesia.

2022 Toyota Avanza DNGA platform

Not only that but the 2022 Toyota Avanza is touted to be built using the same Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) platform found on the Perodua Ativa. The Toyota Avanza will also seemingly provide the DNGA platform for the next generation Perodua Alza as Japan has already stopped producing the Perodua Alza twin, the Daihatsu Boon Luminas and the Toyota Passo Sette there. So perhaps we can even expect the new Perodua Alza to appear with a similar design as the 2022 Toyota Avanza, another ‘twin’ after the Perodua Aruz and Toyota Rush.

What do you think of the design of this 2022 Toyota Avanza? It seems a bit more grown-up, doesn't it?

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