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2020 Mitsubishi XPANDER Calls The Toyota Avanza 'Tak Cantik'

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2020 Mitsubishi XPANDER Calls The Toyota Avanza 'Tak Cantik'

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia at about 2.00pm yesterday took a potshot at the Toyota Avanza in another video to highlight their very stylish XPANDER.

We'll let you enjoy the video below!

Now if you remember this isn't the first time that a competitor has taken a shot at Toyota, Honda did it earlier in the year with the Honda City. Then Toyota 'sort of' replied in their Malaysia Day ad taking the high road. 

Now in this season of giving, Mitsubishi pulak bagi satu kat Toyota. 

With over 4,000 bookings so far since booking was open on October 22 for the XPANDER and over 500 units delivered we can understand why Mitsubishi may be a little smug. 

It's cheeky and we're hoping this time Toyota replies in kind (hopefully in a more direct manner) because it sure is fun to watch! 

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