Barbie Embraces The EV Movement - Showcases Barbie Extra Convertible EV At LA Auto Show


Barbie Embraces The EV Movement - Showcases Barbie Extra Convertible EV At LA Auto Show

Because it's difficult to tell an ICE car from a BEV in die-cast model form, Mattel went all-out at Los Angeles Auto Show and showcased the Barbie Extra Convertible, life-sized and in BEV form! 

Underpinned by a Fiat 500e, Mattel informs us that the team behind it is comprised of "world-class designers and engineers, many of whom have worked at OEMs around the world."

Barbie Extra Convertible EV LA Auto Show

The Barbie Extra Convertible EV was designed by Judy Choi, Mattel Manager of Product Design and features colorful wheels, a pink and white interior, a pet pool in the trunk and wing-inspired doors - now how's that for style?  

The project took two and a half months to complete. 

Fiat 500e

The Fiat 500e upon which the Barbie Convertible EV sits has an all-electric range between 185km to 320km depending on the battery size that ranges from 24kWh to 42kWh. It pumps out 83kW (113hp) with a maximum 200Nm of torque. It hits the century mark in 9.3 seconds. Nothing too impressive or ground-breaking as far as EV's go but a step in the right direction for Barbie and Co. 

For now, the Barbie Convertible EV remains a prototype. There has been no announcement by Mattel or Fiat regarding a joint venture around building and selling this EV but looking at the buzz it has garnered a business case study might be in the making. 

Whilst more a publicity stunt than anything, it is a subtle way of exposing young children/ fans of Barbie to the concept of EVs as well as making Auto Show's perhaps a little more child-friendly. Well done Mattel! 

Will we be seeing EVs in X-Men next? Or maybe Transformers? Or better still Paw Patrol? 

*Life-sized images of the Barbie Extra Convertible EV credit Carbuzz