The Toyota GR86 outsold the Prius in Europe last year


The Toyota GR86 outsold the Prius in Europe last year

Over 1.17 million units of Toyota and Lexus models were sold in Europe last year, and it was a record-breaking year for the continent.

It's no surprise that the Yaris Cross topped the best-seller's list followed by the Corolla and C-HR, but what's even more interesting is the numbers between the Toyota GR86 and the Toyota Prius.

2023 toyota prius price specs europe

You would think that the all-new and sportier-looking Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid would be a good prospect for the more eco-conscious Europeans, but that's not the case for 2023.

Only 2,755 units of the Toyota Prius were sold in Europe last year. As for the Toyota GR86, it's 4,041 units - 1,286 units more than the Prius.

2023 toyota gr86 price specs europe

As to why, it's probably due to the delivery dates for the Prius that started later in the year (plus only the PHEV variant was available, not the HEV).

The Toyota GR86, on the other hand, is heading toward the end following tougher legislation calls. While the GR86 still meets the emission regulations, the announcement of its final days come 2025 might have stirred the market enough to cause a buying frenzy in 2023.

2023 toyota gr yaris price specs europe

Even the GR Yaris saw quite a sales number with only 301 units behind the Toyota Prius. There are only 11 months left before 2025 comes around, and you can expect these figures to maintain or even get stronger as we creep closer to a world with fewer dino juice-guzzling ICEs.


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