Toyota + After-Sales Support = A Customer Promise


Toyota + After-Sales Support = A Customer Promise

Are you fed up with having your car in the service centre for an extended period of time? Tired of waiting for parts and not receiving a decisive answer regarding your vehicle?

If so you'll be happy to know that Toyota's all-encompassing after-sales service eradicates these niggles as they aim to make sure that you and your vehicle are back on the road promptly so that you may continue with life and not have to call and complain to the SC repeatedly…

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new car. While contrivances such as styling, performance, ride and handling, equipment list are the first things to look at when purchasing a car, it's actually the brand dependability and aftermarket support that carries the most weight when it comes time to decide.

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This is one of the key reasons why most people trust Toyota when looking to buy a vehicle, as they are not just a vehicle manufacturer that sells dependable cars, but they also possess a strong reputation for their after-sales support which adds to the dependability of their vehicles. 

So how does Toyota provide peace of mind through their after-sales service?

My Drive

Toyota Malaysia My Drive app

Toyota's Drive app makes your journey of owning a Toyota even more exciting and fuss-free. While on the go or anywhere for that matter, you can make service appointments or request all day or all night road assistance via Toyota’s 24SEVEN Road Assist mobile app. 

Toyota’s 24SEVEN Road Assist Mobile application is a connected mobility app that enhances your driving experience and peace of mind. 

An industry first, all it takes now for you to call for assistance in case of an emergency is a few swipes on your phone, even for something as trivial as accidentally running out of fuel or experiencing a flat tyre. 

You can even book a service appointment or make follow-up calls to ask about your vehicle. Sometimes, the app also provides you with surprises in the form of an e-voucher which gives you access to great promotions and discounts.

Loyal-T Programme

Toyota Malaysia

The Toyota LOYAL-T Programme concept is not new; it replaces the outgoing and popular Toyota Merit programme, which ended in June 2021. 

Under the programme, all Toyota customers stand to earn points with a new vehicle purchase as well as renewal or purchase of Toyota’s Insurance package. Points accumulated can then be exchanged for E-service vouchers which you can redeem for future services. 

The reward programme starts as soon as you sign up, where you can start to accumulate points and use them to reduce the cost of your future vehicle servicing with Toyota.

Service Savers

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Toyota's Service Savers package is a one time pre-paid servicing package. It's basically Toyota’s way of providing you with secured maintenance costs for your car.

In addition, it secures your servicing cost for up to five years, depending on terms and conditions. The Service Savers package can be used at all 94 Authorised Toyota service centres nationwide. Benefits include quality services such as the use of proper tools, trained technicians and the use of genuine Toyota parts. 

If you purchase it now, you are eligible for a 10% discount on selected parts and 20% on wheel alignment and tyre balancing, as well as air-conditioning services. They’ll even throw in a free car wash when everything is completed. 

One-Stop Service Centre

Toyota Malaysia

The Toyota CarePlus is an after-sales servicing concept that ensures your car is taken care of thoroughly by an authorised Toyota service centre. It encompasses the use of genuine Toyota parts as well as officially trained Toyota technicians to keep your Toyota in optimal condition and repaired in accordance with Toyota's handbook.

CarePlus is available for all Toyota owners, where it will eventually also help with better resale value. To suit everyone's needs, they have different servicing tiers from MAXCHECK Basic, MAXCHECK Advance and MAXCHECK Advance Plus. 

Every type of vehicle care is thought out of, including comprehensive tyre maintenance and body coating, whereby Toyota's ProGard Body Coating defends your paintwork against the harsh outdoor elements. They even have interior steam-cleaning services which can bring your Toyota's interior back to life.

All cars can also opt for a 25 checkpoint to keep your Toyota performing optimally at all times with peace of mind.

24Seven Road Assist

Toyota Malaysia

The Toyota 24SEVEN Road Assist Mobile application is a connected mobility app that enhances your driving experience and peace of mind. All it takes now for you to call for assistance in case of an emergency is a few swipes on your phone, even for something as trivial as accidentally running out of fuel or experiencing a flat tyre. 

A key feature built into the app includes an SOS button with a real-time tracking feature that allows you to keep track of your rescuer. This feature allows users to track the travel route and time of the help on the way to them. Assistance will be provided from a trusted Authorised Toyota outlet or service provider.

Toyota owners can even choose their preferred Toyota outlet to provide the service, offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year along, nationwide. 

Toyota 24SEVEN Road Assist even offers free minor on-the-spot repairs and nationwide towing (up to 50km) to all Toyota owners (Terms and Conditions apply). 

E-Owners Manual

Toyota Malaysia

With everything going digital these days, it is no surprise that Toyota has provided a service on their website where owners and fans of Toyota can download an owner’s manual and learn all about Toyota cars from A-Z.

Everything from CarePlus, safety and accessories booklet is now at the end of your fingertips.


Toyota MalaysiaAll Toyotas come with a five-year warranty, but if you want to learn more about what the warranty covers, you can now go to the Toyota website, where they have a detailed breakdown of what it covers, what it doesn't, and everything in between. 

A good read of the vehicle warranty cover ensures you know exactly how to take full advantage of Toyota's comprehensive protection offered to customers and their cars.

Now with such a comprehensive array of after-sales services on offer, you won’t have to worry about a lack of spare parts, long waiting times or having to call the SC repeatedly to get an update. Really all that’s left is to enjoy the road in your Toyota!

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