When You Buy A Toyota, You’re Buying More Than Just A Vehicle


When You Buy A Toyota, You’re Buying More Than Just A Vehicle

When You Buy A Toyota, You’re Buying More Than Just A Vehicle!

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new car. While contrivances such as styling, performance, ride and handling, equipment list are the first things to look at when purchasing a car, it's actually the vehicle's brand dependability and aftermarket support that carries the most weight when it comes time to decide. 

Just having a good product by itself is not enough to win over customers these days. Brands must connect and provide support to their customers to ensure that their hard-earned money is well invested, not just through the purchase of a vehicle but also the after-sales support that comes later.

This is one of the key reasons why most people trust Toyota when looking to buy a vehicle, as they are not just a vehicle manufacturer that sells dependable cars but they also possess a strong reputation for their support and loyalty programmes such as the Toyota 24SEVEN Road Assist mobile app, Vehicle Telematics System and LOYAL-T Programme. 

For those of you wondering what these are and why they are one of the key reasons people turn to Toyota for mobility, let's look at how these well thought out aftersales features make your motoring experience with Toyota a fuss-free and rewarding one.

The loyalty programme that helps reduce cost

The Toyota LOYAL-T Programme concept is not something new as it merely replaces the outgoing and popular Toyota Merit programme, which ended in June 2021. 

Under the programme, all Toyota customers stand to earn points with vehicle purchase, vehicle servicing, purchase of spare parts, renewal of vehicle insurance as well as body and paint repairs at any authorised Toyota outlets nationwide, where they can exchange the accumulated points for E-service vouchers which they may redeem for future services. 

This reward scheme and all-encompassing membership structure is one that defines a long-lasting bond between Toyota and its customers, especially when it’s so easy to sign up for.

Signing up for the Toyota LOYAL-T Programme is as easy as downloading the Toyota Drive mobile application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once the mobile application is installed and opened, customers are required to register their details with Toyota. 

The reward programme starts from thereon where you can start to accumulate points, and use them to reduce the cost of your future vehicle servicing with Toyota.

The app that will save you on the road

Innovation has always been one of Toyota's strong points, so it's no surprise that they are taking advantage of the internet and global positioning systems in phones to bring you the Toyota 24SEVEN Road Assist Mobile application, a connected mobility app that enhances your driving experience and peace of mind. 

An industry first, all it takes now for you to call for assistance in case of an emergency is a few swipes on your phone, even for something as trivial as accidentally running out of fuel or experiencing a flat tyre. 

Request for assistance via the mobile app, and Toyota will quickly send help to you. If you're in an area where internet coverage is terrible, you can still use the old fashion way of speaking to someone by calling Toyota's Freephone number at 1-800-888-247.

A key feature built into the app includes an SOS button with a real-time tracking feature that allows you to keep track of your rescuer. This feature allows users to track the travel route and time of the help on the way to them. Assistance will be provided from a trusted Authorised Toyota outlet or service provider.

Toyota owners can even choose their preferred Toyota outlet to provide the service, offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year along, nationwide. 

Toyota 24SEVEN Road Assist even offers free minor on-the-spot repairs and nationwide towing (up to 50km) to all Toyota owners (terms and conditions apply). 


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