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Faulty RFID Tags To Be Replaced Free Of Charge

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Faulty RFID Tags To Be Replaced Free Of Charge

Plus Malaysia Berhad (Plus) has confirmed that should an RFID tag be undetectable, a coupon for a full detection diagnostic at the nearest Touch N Go fitment centre will be provided and should the RFID tag still have detection issues after the test, Touch N Go will replace the RFID tag for free.

Highway customers can breathe a sigh of relief should they experience RFID tag detection issues. Should this be you, firstly, Plus will have toll personnel on standby with handheld devices to scan your RFID tags to get you through the toll. 

RFID tags to be replaced free of charge

If the tag remains undetectable, a coupon for a full diagnostic will be provided. Customers can then visit the nearest Touch N Go fitment centre to run tests. If the test finds the RFID tag still has detection issues then Touch N Go will replace the RFID tag for free. 

RFID Fitment Centre

The question to the highway customer or you, my fellow Malaysian is this, is the hassle described above worth RM35? Or is it just easier to throw away the undetectable RFID tag and get a new one? Beware though that the transfer from one RFID tag to another is not as seamless as you think but we'll cover that in another article. 

RFID Touch N Go e-Wallet

One must also wonder at the logistics of the above arrangement/ solution? So say I get stuck in an RFID lane because my tag is undetectable. A Plus personnel walks up to my car, scans my RFID tag with a handheld device. If it detects it, I'm free to pass but do I still need to get my RFID tag inspected?

RFID Lane Malaysia

Should the handheld device not be able to detect my RFID tag, then I assume I am given a coupon to get my tag inspected but where does this happen? Am I first allowed to pass the boom gate and do I have to pull over in the middle of two lanes? Or do I pull over all the way over to the left where the Plus administration building is? Or maybe it all takes place behind the boom gate before I am allowed to pass? And all the while I'm holding up traffic behind me, annoying I'm sure my fellow Malaysians for something that's not really my fault. 

According to Plus, after its implementation on January 15 across the North-South Expressway, there has been a migration rate of 10 percent for RFID transactions. 

RFID traffic jam Malaysia

Plus also assures us that after receiving feedback from the public that the company has doubled up on teams to assist customers at toll plazas, together with improving the visibility of directional signages. 

Should you have some feedback on the RFID implementation thus far, you are welcome to provide feedback through the 1800-88-0000 PlusLine or Plus chatbot P.U.T.R.I via the Plus App, 24/7.

Cover image courtesy of New Straits Times

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