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Nissan SR20DET Engine To Go Back Into Production?

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Nissan SR20DET Engine To Go Back Into Production?

A Japanese tuner has struck a deal with Nissan to kickstart the production of the iconic SR20DET engine.

Mercury Japan will conduct a limited run of only 30 units specifically to tailor and mirror the engine applications for Nissan's S-platform, the S14 and S15 in particular. It might be a small batch, but we're sure that a lot of folks are pretty excited about this bit of news.

nissan sr20det engine limited run mercury japan 2022

Nissan approved, but not involved?

Mercury Japan managed to get the green light from Nissan after two years of negotiation. Announced by Japanese D1 driver, Sayaka Shimoda, the Mercury-sponsored driver shared the news via YouTube but Nissan won't be involved in the production process of the new SR20DET units.

A third-party company will be taking up that responsibility, but there was no mention of that entity during the announcement. There's no clear indicator on whether Mercury Japan got their hands on the engine's original molds from Nissan, but that should be plausible considering that this project has been approved by Nissan itself.

Want to buy one? Only RM43,000 a piece

Interested parties who are looking to get their hands on a brand new SR20DET motor from Mercury Japan will need to contact them directly. However, do not get upset if they prioritise their loyal motorsports customers first before opening up to other JDM aficionados.

With that being said, each unit is said to come with a price tag of around $9,300 or just over the RM43,000 mark. Quite a price to pay for a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, but how else can you get your hands on a freshly-built Nissan SR20DET engine all shiny and new?


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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