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The Facelift Proton X70 Will Come With A New Engine - Expected To Be Launched In August 2022

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The Facelift Proton X70 Will Come With A New Engine - Expected To Be Launched In August 2022

It's pretty widely known that most cars will go through a midlife update after being in the market for a couple of years, so it's no surprise to see that the Proton X70 will be getting one after debuting in 2018.

Called the Proton X70 MC1 (MC stands for Minor Change), the facelifted SUV is expected to be launched in August next year. According to sources, the Proton SUV will come with some noticeable exterior changes, but the most significant change of them all will happen underneath the bonnet.

Proton X70

Among the exciting rumours for the X70 facelift includes a change of its engine where the 1.8L TGDI engine on the current Proton X70 will be replaced with a 1.5L TGDI engine found on the Proton X50 Flagship. 

Engine                         PS                                Torque (Nm)    
1.5L TGDI 177 255
1.8L TGDI 184 300

If we make a straight-up comparison between the two engines in their current state, of course, it would seem like a downgrade as the performance is lower, but we're pretty sure that Proton has something up its sleeve to give it a bit more grunt. The 1.5L TGDI has a maximum output of 179PS and 265Nm of torque according to Geely's website.

Currently, both the Proton X70 and Proton X50 engines are imported from China. However, Proton is reportedly in the midst of producing the 1.5L TGDI engine at their factory in Tanjung Malim. This TGDI engine will also apparently be the base engine for future Proton models.

Proton X70 MC1 Tanjung Malim

If this is true, Proton can save on production costs if all its vehicles use the same engine. Not only will they save money, but time as well, so that buyers no longer have to wait up to a year to get their car! This could be the perfect opportunity for Proton to try and regain the support of the people who are beginning to lose patience.

Proton X70 MC1 front end

While the Proton X70 MC1's exterior details are still a mystery, we can't help but expect it to look like the Geely Boyue Pro available in the Chinese market. The Geely Boyue Pro is the latest version of the Geely Boyue which now features a mildly redesigned exterior, featuring a more prominent front grille flanked by a pair of LED headlights. Right smack in the centre of the grille is Geely’s black emblem, usually reserved for their range of sportier models. The front bumper is also new, now more angular than before.

Moving towards the rear end, the Boyue Pro gets new LED taillights and an updated rear bumper. The spoiler and 19-inch wheels have also been updated, giving the Boyue Pro a fresh new look.

Proton X70 MC1 interior

Geely has also improved the interior of the Boyue Pro as shown in the photo above. The Boyue Pro gets a completely redesigned dashboard with a larger touchscreen head unit with a new rotary dial controller, new air-conditioning controls, a revised steering wheel, and a new gear shifter. The design of the front air vents is also new. In addition to all of those, the new Boyue Pro also appears to get ambient lighting.

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates as we find out more about the Proton X70 MC1 coming in 2022! 

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