EV Charging Stations Spotted At UMW Toyota HQ

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EV Charging Stations Spotted At UMW Toyota HQ

Some juicy electric charging stations have been spotted at the UMW Toyota headquarters in Shah Alam, Selangor. Are they prepping for the imminent EV arrival of the bZ4X? 

And it's quite a setup as well. We're not quite sure what the specs are for these charging stations, but it looks like there are five in total, and four of them are DC fast-chargers.

ev charging station umw toyota electric car*Image credit: MyEVOC FB

Is the Toyota bZ4X coming sooner than expected?

So, with a spot that can cater up to five cars at any given time, the next question is obvious - are they going to bring in their own EV model anytime soon?

We've talked about the all-electric Toyota bZ4X coming into the Malaysian market in 2023, but there's a small chance that it might make an appearance before the year ends. Some folks have even stated that it might be as soon as Q3, and we're already in it.

toyota bz4x launch malaysia

The bZ4X already made its first ASEAN appearance in Thailand during the 2022 Bangkok Motor Show. That was only a preview, but it'll be available for purchase by the end of 2022 in the country.

With these charging stations in place, it is without a doubt that UMW Toyota is committed to electrification, and a trial run of charging facilities seems to be a logical step before any EV model arrives in the country.

ev charging station umw toyota hq shah alam electric car

Open for public use?

While these charging stations within the UMW Toyota HQ are not up and running just yet, there's a possibility that they might be opened for public use.

If that's the case, then it'll most likely cater to all EVs and PHEVs regardless of brand or model. Very Toyota-like to be the 'good guy', even in this scenario.

And since it can cater up to five cars at once, UMW Toyota might just amp up its services by providing a more comfortable spot to chill and hang out while the cars are being charged. A vending machine or two would be just nice if you ask us.

dc fast charger umw toyota hq shah alam

Free or pay-to-use?

There's also another important question - is it free or will you have to pay? Our best-educated guess is that it won't be free of charge, at least, not in the long run.

With four DC chargers and what looks like an AC charger on the far right, that's a heck of an electricity bill to pay by UMW Toyota. Unless you happen to be a proud owner of a Toyota bZ4X.

If it were up to us, we would make an exception as a goodwill gesture of the owner's support. But these are all questions without answers for now, and we're pretty sure that UMW Toyota will announce the details soon. Do stay tuned, mmkay?


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