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Renewing Your Road Tax In Malaysia: Online & Contactless

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Renewing Your Road Tax In Malaysia: Online & Contactless

Road tax...not as easy to renew now for many in the time of lockdowns and COVID-19 but thankfully we do have an online contactless option. 

If one of your cars has its road tax overdue or expiring soon, you should definitely seek to renew it as soon as possible, but please do so in a COVID-safe and contactless manner - as in, over the internet or via telephone.

Smartphone In Car

The most obvious avenue for online road tax renewals, at least in Malaysia, is MyEG, a one-stop portal to handle various e-government services. Since many of us are already familiar with it for other matters such as renewal of our drivers license, vehicle insurance, or even checking our outstanding PDRM summons (ehehe), we’ll focus this guide around road tax renewal on this platform.

Even if you’ve had mixed experiences with government-related websites before, we’re pretty confident that you’ll have this one handled in just a few minutes. Remember, your vehicle must have a valid insurance policy attached to it for this method to work.

MyEG banner

MyEG, Obviously....

The first step, of course, is to log in to your MyEG account or sign up for one if you haven’t already. From there, navigate to the e-services panel where you’ll be presented with various different government departments. In the top left corner, you’ll find the icon for JPJ.

You’ll be given another set of tiles with a number of different services you can pursue. ‘Road Tax Renewal’ should be in there somewhere. Hint: bottom right.

MyEG Road Tax Renewal

From here, renewing your road tax becomes as simple as filling out an online form. After choosing which type of vehicle this transaction is for - car or motorbike - you’ll just need to furnish some personal details and that of your chosen vehicle’s registration.

MyEG Road Tax Renewal

You’ll also be given the choice of ‘Collection Method’, which is a drop-down menu implying multiple options but only gives you the sole choice of ‘Home/Office Delivery’ - at least for the time being. Perhaps when the country isn’t occupied with a health crisis can you opt to pick it up at the counter.

With your personal, vehicle, and delivery information accurately entered, you’ll just need to proceed with payment to finish the transaction. You’ll be redirected to a secure payment gateway for this so have your credit/debit card or bank login details handy.

MyEG Road Tax Renewal

You’re done! Of course, you’ll need to wait for JPJ to process the renewal and for the actual road tax sticker to be printed and delivered to your specified address. That could take a while, depending on the situation, but is otherwise quite quick - within a few working days. Take note, though that various government departments are only working at 50% percent capacity and there are supply shortages to factor in, so your fresh road tax might be in limbo for longer than expected.

Although we cannot guarantee it, in our experience, having the MyEG receipt to prove that the renewal is done but not delivered is usually enough to get yourself out of a sticky situation at, say, a roadblock. At this time, however, PDRM and JPJ have stated that drivers with cars that have road taxes that expired during the MCO/FMCO period are exempted from fines or reprimand.

Car Insurance Fine Print

Insurance and Road Tax Bundle

Another way many of us renew our road tax is via an insurance agent. Whether they are acting on behalf of a partner bank, have reached out to us directly (privacy much?), or are engaging with us via an insurance company we’ve already committed to, this is usually an easy process as well.

Since road tax renewal is so tied to having an active vehicle insurance policy, most insurance company websites or comparison portals provide the option to let them handle road tax renewal as part of your vehicle coverage transaction. You’ll end up paying them both fees in a bundle, naturally, but you’re also ‘killing two birds with one stone', so to speak.

As with the policies themselves, not everything is immediately clear and there might be some additional charges involved for this added convenience, which you’ll need to clarify directly with the insurance provider representative or agent. If everything goes smoothly and especially if you’re re-upping via your existing provider, this method can be quicker and less cumbersome than even online renewals.

JPJ office

(Nearly) No Excuses

Unlike our driver's license, which can be extended for multiple years at a time, a car’s road tax can only be renewed for one year going forward (or 6 months). You might expect lapsing that renewal period might bring some annoying consequences, but just last year the Road Transport Department (JPJ) announced that even cars with 36 months lapses can still have their road tax renewed without a Puspakom inspection.

Some might say that’s much too lenient, and we’re inclined to agree. Ideally, you’re not driving in a car with a road tax expired to that degree, but the point to grasp here is that there’s really no excuse to not have it renewed, even if you’ve ‘forgotten’.

At the moment, starting July 1st, the government announced that JPJ, APAD, and Puspakom services and offices are to resume where previously they were also closed due to the FMCO that started in early June. That being said, over-the-counter services are only meant for transactions and processes that cannot be done online.


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