Another Vehicle Goes Against Traffic. Is He an "OKU" as Well?

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Another Vehicle Goes Against Traffic. Is He an

Most of you would’ve read about, heard of, or even seen the viral video of a green Proton Gen-2 driving against traffic on the opposite side of the road in Penang and eventually crashing into another few cars, killing a poor man a couple of days ago.

Well, turns out that the 19-year old model who was “baked” on crystal meth during the crash, holds a disability card due to learning disability, apparently.  

Now, we are not sure who thought that it would be a good idea to let her drive but let us hope that somewhere, somehow, justice gets delivered.

And while we are still in the midst of digesting what actually happened, another video of a pickup truck pulling the same stunt in Penang has gone viral.

The video, which was shared on the Penang Kini Facebook page earlier today and by user Don Carleone on Youtube, shows a white pickup truck driving against traffic at high speed, almost colliding with a car.

We also came to know about a few other viral videos showing similar nonsensical behaviour on our roads.

Regardless of whether you’re lost, high, disabled, or well connected, there is absolutely no justifying driving dangerously and putting others’ lives in danger.

That said, we really hope that the Police, Road Transport Department (JPJ), as well as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission wake up and bring this madness to an end.

Seems like there is absolutely no fear of the law or any regards to the lives of other human beings nowadays.

If you are really in such a hurry, take a flight. If you think that you are too high after a heavy night, use Uber, Grab, or get a taxi for crying out loud. 

On another note, those who have been recording these videos using their smartphones - weren't you supposed to be having both your hands on the steering? 

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