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Chery Finally Discovers This Amazing Thing Called Social Media

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Chery Finally Discovers This Amazing Thing Called Social Media

Let’s face it – social media has taken over the world. It has become the most preferred mode of communication not only by individuals, but also celebrities, organisations, and everyone in between.

In fact, managing Facebook and Twitter pages for companies has become a full time job in many parts of the world now; that is how important social media is.

And while half the world has already embraced this change of trend and started riding the new wave many years ago, there are still some companies; even huge multi-national ones that have totally missed the bus, running the show in ancient ways, such as Chinese car manufacturer Chery International.

Now, for a company which has its brand present in numerous parts of the world including Malaysia, you would expect them to have a social media page to interact and communicate with their fans and customers, right? Wrong.

Apparently Chery International had discovered social media just recently, and in conjunction with Valentine’s Day three days ago, the brand decided to show its love towards its fans and customers worldwide by officially launching the Chery International Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel, as well as Instagram profile.

With the help of the wide reach and diverse presentation forms of the four social media channels, Chery said that its entry this time is aimed at effectively advancing the brand’s visibility and influence in the international market from brands and businesses aspects by taking the customer demand as the core.

The company also said that it is determined to establish a highly efficient communication mechanism from the customer point of view and to narrow the distance between the brand and customers in a more direct communication form through social media platforms.

Well, better late than never. 

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