VIDEO: Park Like A Fool In Penang And Watch Your Car Get Forklifted Away

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VIDEO: Park Like A Fool In Penang And Watch Your Car Get Forklifted Away

There’s lots of reasons why you should not park inconsiderately, and they don’t involve the threat of using industrial machinery to lift your car away. Just being a conscientious human being involves having to think about others when leaving your (seemingly) immobile car somewhere. 

The incident in the video transpired around the Bukit Jambul area of Penang. We suppose that Penangites do things a little differently. Perhaps, righteously?

Now we do not condone the use of a forklift to carry cars out of the way – there may be some damage done to the Toyota Unser’s undercarriage, after all. But we’ve all been in or heard of a situation where, in frustration, you’d wish you could just pick up and throw the car that’s blocking you and/or everyone else as a result of the owner’s thoughtless parking decisions.

This, perhaps, is the next best thing besides being imbued with Kryptonian super-strength. 


Parking lagi merata..lokasi:Bukit Jambul PenangKredit: Kahiri Rahman

Posted by Siakap Keli on Tuesday, July 7, 2015


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