VIDEO: Man Parks Illegally Then Throws Rude Tantrum After His Car Gets Clamped

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VIDEO: Man Parks Illegally Then Throws Rude Tantrum After His Car Gets Clamped

When you’re in the wrong, the mature thing to do is to just accept the consequences. On that scale, throwing a hissy fit and acting disrespectful is at the polar end of that. But that’s just what happened when this young man parked illegally and got clamped. 


The officer acted professionally good job (y). To those cibai asshole that park on the wrong spot and bark like a dog and wanna play gangster with the woman officer....well you are famous now I hope your family will be so proud of you :)#CibaiSoRude

Posted by Politicalgags on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Judging by number plates on clamped the car, a white Perodua Myvi, and the motorcycle next to it, this whole thing occurred somewhere in Penang.

The two men were so desperate to escape paying the fine that they broke out their toolset ready to uncouple the wheel from the axle. And when they gave up on that, one of them (the owner, presumably) started shouting at the female parking enforcement officer.

Another voice is heard (behind the camera, to our ears) reiterating that the only way they (the officers) can unclamp the car is if he paid the fine right there and then.

Seeing no other way out, they begrudgingly paid the fine and had the clamp removed, but not before intentionally dropping the cash on the ground instead of handing it to the officer. Shameful. And to the parking enforcement officer who remained professional and calm the entire time, well done. 

If you park illegally, it serves you right to be penalized. And if you are really choosing to rudely shout at people just for doing their jobs enforcing the law, its probably deserving to be made example of on the internet.

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Jim Kem

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