CHALLENGE: VS. Zerotohundred @ ZEROTOLOSE Kart Race

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CHALLENGE: VS. Zerotohundred @ ZEROTOLOSE Kart Race

So we saw Tom, the owner of, preparing and promoting their next ZEROTOLOSE Go Kart challenge this morning, and we thought, “Hey, Tom is a fast guy around Sepang.”

He is racing for Wing Hin Motorsports - one of the most prominent racing teams in Malaysia. Which got us thinking: why not gate-crash this whole thing and challenge Tom head on?

Yes, we’re throwing down the gauntlet to Zerotohundred: Us, vs. them, if they’re brave enough to accept.

Our terms are simple enough: your best men vs. our best men, in a flat-out, proper race, in front of all your spectators. Three on three action? Finer details can come later.

To the winner, lots of pride and bragging rights for the day. To the loser? Well, that’s where a bit more fun can be had.

If ZTH loses, Tom and his team is to wear our T-shirts and put up a sign saying "Buy your brand new Toyota Camry from".

If loses, our team will wear a Zerotohundred T-shirt and put up a sign saying "Find your twin-turbo Toyota Aristo from"

Deal? We'll wait for your favourable reply and let's get this filmed, fame or shame!

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