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Head To Head: Ford Everest Sport vs Toyota Fortuner VRZ

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Head To Head: Ford Everest Sport vs Toyota Fortuner VRZ

The Ford Everest Sport is the most affordable Next-Gen Everest available, but can it take on the Toyota Fortuner VRZ, a top-of-the-line Fortuner that's RM42k cheaper?

When it comes to rugged body-on-frame seven-seater diesel SUVs, only a few vehicles come to mind - except if you're in Australia, the Philippines, or Thailand because there are myriad options there. 

2022 Toyota Fortuner VRZ

In Malaysia, only one vehicle comes to mind, and that vehicle is the Toyota Fortuner. Thanks to discontinued models such as the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Isuzu MU-X, it pretty much had the whole market to itself - or did it?

Well, technically, it didn't, because despite not seeing many, if any at all on the road, Ford was actually selling the Everest. One of the biggest problems the Ford Everest had was its price because it was expensive for something that was essentially a Ford Ranger underneath.

Unfortunately, this has not changed, and the recent arrival of the next-gen Everest once again sees a hefty price tag slapped on the Everest. 

2022 Ford Everest Sport Malaysia

However, this time around, Ford has introduced three variants, with the cheapest one being priced closer to the Fortuner VRZ. The only problem with this particular Everest however when compared to the Toyota Fortuner VRZ, is that it is an entry-level model, whereas the Fortuner is top-of-the-line.

Can the entry-level Ford Everest take on a fully kitted Toyota Fortuner? We'll have to bring out the good ol' comparison table to find out.

2022 Ford Everest Sport 4x2 vs 2022 Toyota Fortuner VRZ 4x4
Index Ford Everest Sport Toyota Fortuner VRZ
Price RM262,819 RM220,880
Engine 2.0-litre Turbo Diesel (I4) 2.8-litre Turbo Diesel (I4)
Power  170PS@3,500rpm 204PS@3,000-3,400rpm
Torque 405Nm@1,750-2,500rpm 500Nm@1,600-2,800
Transmission 6-Speed AT 6-Speed AT
Driven Wheels 4x2 4x4
Boot Space 239L-898L (third row folded) 200L-716L (third row folded)

10" vertical touch screen

with Apple/Android support

9" touch screen with

Apple/Android support

Speakers 8 6
Airbags 7 7


Reverse Camera

Parking Sensors

Regular Cruise Control


360 Reverse Camera

Parking Sensors

Pre-collision System

Lane Departure Alert

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Blind Spot Monitor

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA


Safety - Entry level vs Top of the line

Toyota Fortuner Malaysia safety features

Being an entry-level vehicle, the Everest Sport was always going to struggle when it came to safety. The Ford SUV only comes with passive safety features, while the Fortuner VRZ comes with passive and active safety features which technically makes it a safer vehicle.

The airbag count is the same in both cars but the VRZ trumps the Sport once again as it comes with a 360 field of view camera, which is much better than Ford's regular reverse camera. Cruise Control in the VRZ is also an intelligent bit of kit, whereas the Sport comes with conventional cruise control.

Engine displacement - 2.0L vs 2.8L

2022 Ford Everest Sport Malaysia

We all know that Fords are known for their small yet powerful engines and the Everest just like most other Fords it comes with one. Despite being the single turbo version, the Everest Sport does get decent performance from its 2.0-litre powertrain. Compare this against the Fortuner's larger 2.8-litre engine which pushes out 204PS and 500Nm of torque, the Everest is down by 34PS and 100Nm of torque.

We have experienced this engine before, and it's not too shabby as it still makes you believe that you have good amounts of power under the hood. Yes, it's no contest for the Fortuner's ever reliable, powerful, and smooth 1GD-FTV engine, but the silver lining is that the Everest Sport will ask less from your wallet when it comes to the dreaded road tax renewal time and refuelling.

Off-road - Everest vs Fortuner

2022 Toyota Fortuner VRZ Off-road Malaysia

One of the many reasons that people buy body on frame SUVs is for the simple fact that they can handle the rough stuff. They come with an easy-to-fix ladder chassis, sit taller off the ground, and usually come with a part-time four-wheel drive system. 

In the case of the Everest Sport, the four-wheel drive system has been taken away to make it more affordable. All it's left with is its traction control system which can sometimes help get its drivers through slippery surfaces. Yes, this might be a bummer, but if you mostly use your SUV for city and highway driving, you have to ask yourself, do I really need a part-time four-wheel drive system? If the answer is no, then the Everest Sport will do just fine.

Nonetheless, if you do actually take your SUV off-road where obstacles lie, then the Fortuner would be a safer bet as it has a four-wheel drive system, auto-limited slip differential, and one of the fastest traction control systems in the business.

Verdict - Toyota Fortuner or Ford Everest? 

Ford Everest VS Toyota Fortuner Malaysia

As much as we are rooting for the Ford, we just can't see people choosing it over the Toyota, especially when they are purchasing a vehicle using their heads. Price for price, the Fortuner VRZ is a vehicle that is more value for money as you are getting more at a cheaper price. It pretty much trumps the Everest Sport in every department, except for the couple that we mention above. 

So will there be anybody that will buy the Everest Sport over the Fortuner VRZ and pay the extra RM42k which buys you LESS features? We believe yes, but not in big numbers. Not all of us buy cars just because it has an impressive list of features. Sometimes buying a car is about connecting with the car, the brand, and just pure lust of the heart.

Since the Ford is a GOOD LOOKER, it might just win people over in that department alone - desire, after all, is a funny thing that might just get you to do crazy things.





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