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2 New Models From BMW Malaysia Are En Route To Us: Any Guesses?

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2 New Models From BMW Malaysia Are En Route To Us: Any Guesses?

Having recently announced its annual report for 2014 which illustrated a massive success for the company, BMW Group Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mr Allan Harris, also took the opportunity to share a bit of an insight into what new models we can expect 

Just two names were dropped for now, but they’ve also promised a few other “exciting” models to come, and one can only anticipate as to what they are.

2015 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (pictured above):

The first of the two mentioned is the all-new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: the first front-wheel drive vehicle from the brand, presented in a body type we’ve yet to see this particular German carmaker produce.

In other parts of the globe, there’s no shortage of engine choices carried forward from what’s already available within the brand’s arsenal of powertrains, including the new range of three-cylinder petrol and diesel mills. But if we were to narrow down the likeliest of candidates, we imagine them being amongst the 218i, 220i, 225i petrols, or 218d, 220d diesels.

The 2 Series Active Tourer shares a common FWD platform as the all-new F56 MINI that’s been in Malaysia for some time now, and it’s a similar with transmissions, which marks one of the rarer times a modern BMW doesn’t come equipped with a ZF-sources eight-speed automatic transmission. Here, the BMW MPV gets a six-speed Aisin torque converter automatic.

Exact specifications of a Malaysian-market car are a bit hard to pinpoint for now, but amongst the many features included to the compact MPV are a hands-free tailgate opening system, a remote electronic rear backrests release system, BMW Head-Up Display, a Park Assistant Package and more – again, if or not these are available to the locally-available 2 Series Active Tourer is anyone’s guess at the moment.

2015 BMW 1 Series LCI:

The second model primed for a local debut, as promised by Mr Harris is the new BMW 1 Series facelift (LCI). Only just revealed in a series of pictures, and poised to make a global debut in the metal at the coming Geneva Motor Show in March, the new 1-er has been treated to a new front and rear design, amongst the benefit of gaining a few tech upgrades to its system which bring it up to par with the rest of the modern BMWs.

There are a few performance gains and changes to take note of, such as the addition of the brand's new three-cylinder range of engines, and an updated version of the eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission as well. Want more details? Head on over to our full report of the BMW 1 Series Facelift.

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