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Cara Aktifkan Kad NFC Touch 'n Go Guna Telefon Pintar

Cara Aktifkan Kad NFC Touch 'n Go Guna Telefon Pintar


Touch ‘n Go bakal melancarkan Enhanced Touch ‘n Go Card atau dipanggil kad TNG generasi baharu yang dilengkapi dengan ciri NFC (Near Field Communication).

Baru-baru ini, pihak TNG telah berkongsi beberapa buah video berkenaan kad baharu tersebut di saluran YouTube mereka namun video itu telah dipadamkan kerana ia dipercayai telah tersebar tanpa sengaja.

touch n go,ewallet,tambah nilai kad NFC

Kad NFC Touch 'n Go

Tidak lama lagi, TNG bakal melancarkan kemudahan menambah nilai kad fizikal baharu mereka yang dilengkapi fungsi baharu NFC yang membolehkan pengguna menambah nilai kad fizikal melalui aplikasi TNG eWallet sahaja.

Kad fizikal yang sedang digunakan oleh TNG pada ketika ini tidak dilengkapi dengan ciri NFC. Ini bermakna pengguna perlu membeli kad Enhanced Touch ‘n Go baharu untuk menggunakan fungsi tersebut.

kad Touch n go,ewallet,NFC

Dengan kad Enhanced Touch ‘n Go, pengguna boleh menambah nilai kad fizikal mereka tanpa perlu ke kiosk, stesen minyak, 7-Eleven atau kaunter perkhidmatan tanpa sebarang yuran tambahan.

cara tambah nilai kad touch n go NFC,ewallet

Cara Aktifkan Kad NFC TNG

  • Fungsi ini boleh digunakan bagi peranti iOS dan Android yang mempunyai ciri NFC sahaja
  • Pautkan kad tersebut ke aplikasi eWallet untuk semak baki serta tambah nilai
  • Tambah nilai kad menggunakan baki eWallet
  • Letakkan kad baharu dibelakang telefon pintar selama 5 saat

Selain itu, baki kad baharu itu juga akan diasingkan dari baki eWallet, sama seperti kad fizikal sedia ada ketika ini.

mana nak beli kad TNG NFC,ewallet,tng

Mana Nak beli Kad NFC TNG?

Berdasarkan video yang tersebar itu, kad baharu TNG dengan fungsi NFC ini boleh didapati secara terus di aplikasi TNG eWallet, sama seperti proses membeli Tag RFID melalui aplikasi terbabit.

Selain itu, video itu juga memaparkan bahawa kad ini dijual pada harga RM10 tidak termasuk caj penghantaran.

Menurut perkongsian sebuah portal gajet dan teknologi, jurujual TNG di NU Sentral berkata ciri tambah nilai secara NFC menggunakan aplikasi TNG eWallet dijangka mungkin hanya aktif sekitar bulan Mei nanti.

touch n go,ewallet,kad nfc,tambah nilai guna telefon pintar

Pada awalnya, pihak TNG telah pun menjual kad NFC ini kepada umum, namun ia telah diberhentikan atas sebab yang tidak diketahui. Mungkin ingin menunggu tarikh pelancarannya.

Kalau ada yang tidak sabar, anda boleh mendapatkan kad NFC ini di platform jual beli atas talian dengan harga yang lebih tinggi. Walau bagaimanapun, fungsi baharu tambah nilai melalui NFC ini hanya akan boleh digunakan apabila kad baharu ini dilancarkan secara rasmi kelak.

*Kredit foto: Soya Cincau

Unpopular Opinion: Basikal Lajak And Ulu Yam Touge - What's The Difference?

Unpopular Opinion: Basikal Lajak And Ulu Yam Touge - What's The Difference?


In today's unpopular opinion, is there really a difference between basikal lajak and those who participate in touge activities at Ulu Yam?

There's a lot of coverage, chatter, and opinions on the recent judgement of Sam Ke Ting, who was sentenced to six years in prison and fined RM6,000 for causing the deaths of eight teenagers on basikal lajak.

Because the courts ruled in favour of the deceased children, memes and jokes have sprung up on social media, with some netizens poking fun at the situation by summarising that the new king of the road is 'Basikal  Lajak' instead of cars. What is your view on the matter?

What's the difference between Ulu Yam touge sessions and basikal lajak?

Please don't do this! Video credits to Malaysian Crash Compilation and Jordan Honda Team

Perceptions about the incident and subsequent ruling have remained mixed, as varied as the kuah nasi kandar at your favourite eatery but that's not what we're here to discuss today. The question we'd like to pose is, how different are the Ulu Yam touge sessions compared to basikal lajak? 

Are they not exactly the same thing just using different modes of transportation? 

Both basikal lajak and Ulu Yam touge:

  1. is illegal
  2. endanger others
  3. take place on public roads - not closed street circuits
  4. participants use little to no safety gear
  5. can cause fatalities - as we've unfortunately seen

Road Transport Act 1987

For those of you who participate in touge activities, you are in breach of Section 41 of the Road Transport Act 1987, which states:

"any person who, by the driving of a motor vehicle on a road recklessly or at a speed or in a manner which having regard to all the circumstances (including the nature, condition, and size of the road, and the amount of traffic which is or might be expected to be on the road) is dangerous to the public, causes the death of any person shall be guilty of an offence..."

For the basikal lajak crew, they are breaking the law by riding on the highway without permission, which under Section 54(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 is an illegal act. Cycling activities on highways without the permission of police or the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) can get them penalised or a prison term of up to 12 months. On top of that, the failure to install front and rear lights, as well as a bell, under Article 35 of the Road Regulations 1959 is also an offence.

Take it off the streets!

Honda CRX

Basikal lajak or even touge sessions while on public roads are dangerous, do inherently have their benefits if given the opportunity in a safe controlled space. We have some really good and talented drivers and cyclists in Malaysia, and I've seen both firsthand. The problem is that they don't have access to a controlled environment to test their skill and sharpen their technique. This is why they head to public roads to do so, chasing thrills at the expense of others. We at do not in any way shape, or form condone this. That's why through CarTell we organise gymkhanas in controlled locations so that the car community can have fun, sharpen your skills and be safe.  

Perhaps if the powers that be and we're looking at state governments here provided drivers and cyclists with a safe place to practice their skills without costing an arm and a leg, exceptional talents could be identified, which might be beneficial to our national sporting aspirations. 

Junior Cycling Malaysia

On the cycling side, I know that some initiatives around the country like Junior Cycling Malaysia and Bikeschool Malaysia have done a good job in educating and turning the Basikal Lajak kids into proper athletes and providing them with a suitable space and environment to do so. Now can we have a similar programme to nurture young motorsport talents? 

Do we have to wait for a death before something is done?

Ulu Yam Accident

Do we have to wait for something more serious to happen involving another 8 lives or more before we do something? In all honesty, both basikal lajak and touge sessions are one and the same as they both race on public roads but with different types of machines. One has garnered a lot of attention because eight youths are now dead so do we have to wait for some more deaths before the other one gets any ridicule, attention, bans?

Both these activities unsupervised and uncontrolled endanger innocent Malaysians and need to stop! The government should be proactively looking for a solution on how to do so, one immediate idea being to maintain and allow access to the smaller circuits we have around the country for car clubs and car enthusiasts groups to safely test their limits and skills on. 

Azizulhasni Awang

If we can have more of these types of initiatives and facilities, we could possibly have more Azizulhasni Awangs and more Alex Yoongs, but till the government provides either party with more opportunities, unfortunately, we will see more of them hitting the road an underground street races, let it be on a bicycle or a car.

Alex Yoong

Deathwish - Video Proves How Crazy-Dangerous 'Basikal Lajak' Are To All Of Us

Deathwish - Video Proves How Crazy-Dangerous 'Basikal Lajak' Are To All Of Us

Auto News

Since the guilty verdict of Sam Ke Ting caused so much public uproar, Malaysians have taken to social media to post amateur video of these 'basikal lajak' riders on our streets.

The scariest part about the circumstances surrounding this case was the sinking feeling that it “could happen to anyone”, or more pointedly, happen to us.

The thought that we, as normal drivers, could be sent to jail for failing to react quickly and correctly (clairvoyantly?) enough to the illegal, reckless and foolish actions of others, just as long as the victims involved are minors, is a disturbing one.

Basikal Lajak - Sam Ke Ting - Johor Bahru - 2018

However, public consensus on the matter still seems quite split with some armed with choice criticisms for the driver in spite of the fact that there was no confirmation of reckless driving, alcohol abuse, or illicit substances involved besides the fact that 8 teenagers are now deceased.

That’s a pretty wide logical leap. “Innocent until proven guilty”, or the presumption of innocence, does not really apply here as there is such a dearth of evidence overall.

To help cement the magnitude of danger these riders pose to law abiding and road-tax paying drivers like us, here are a compilation of some of those videos that have been making the rounds on social media:

The first is probably the scariest of the bunch. At a junction that’s only barely illuminated by the headlights of the vehicles there, a group of these juvenile riders steamroll past at a red light, forcing the Myvi to halt in the middle of lane, barely missing it. Luckily none of them collided with the car or we might have had another driver in jail.

Our second place contender isn’t nearly as distressing but shows how brazen these delinquents have gotten as they were spotted on the streets of Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Sultan Ismail, specifically) during the day instead of their usual haunts of dimly lit highways in the middle of the night.

In third spot, we have a compilation from TikTok. It starts with these kids coming down the overpass close to IKEA Cheras but follows with a collection of clips that sees them falling and getting curb-stomped by gravity and inertia. 

Basikal Lajak

How does your reaction time, night vision, and clairvoyance fare against these Basikal Lajak riders that are, from a driver’s perspective, below your field of view, completely unilluminated, moving at high speed, and lack any brakes to slow down?

A momentary lapse in concentration or plain bad luck when encountering them could apparently land you in jail (after a 5-year legal battle). Drive safe. 

Google Maps vs Waze - Which is better?

Google Maps vs Waze - Which is better?


Which is better between Google Maps and Waze? What are the major differences? Which one do most people use?

Typically when driving, many people will rely on applications such as Waze or Google Maps to reach their destinations. It makes navigation easier for those who do not know the roads, plus a lot of information can also be obtained about traffic conditions up ahead.

Waze or Google Maps in Malaysia

When Google bought Waze in 2013 for nearly USD1 billion, many users thought it was the end for the Israeli mapping service. But this has turned out to be not the case. Instead, Waze was allowed to continue to co-exist with Google Maps. This does still beg the question. Which is better between Google Maps and Waze

Since motorists can use either app, we often questioned which navigation app Malaysian motorists prefer? And do they prefer one over the other because it is better? Or is it just a case of preference?

To get some clarity, we had to do two things. First, we ran a poll on CarTell to find out which one people prefer, and second, we explored the significant differences between the two navigation apps.

Google Maps in MalaysiaGoogle Maps

Between the two, Google Maps is the more professional-looking app. It has a minimalist interface, is easy to understand and navigate the system, and is pretty intuitive to use. It's perfect for those of you who plan ahead and often visit new and unknown places as it gives you the ability to map out your journey. 

Google Maps navigation in Kuala Lumpur

One of the advantages of Google Maps is that it runs smoothly on older Android devices and that you can use the application without having a data connection (you can download the map).

Google Maps is also great for all types of vehicles as the application is not exclusive to cars as it can provide routes for pedestrians, cyclists, and even public transportation.

Waze or Goggle Maps for navigation


For those who prefer a more animated experience, Waze is the perfect navigation app for them. It has a fun feeling to it and really is a community-driven app. 

One of Waze's biggest advantages is its current traffic reports where users submit reports on accidents, construction zones, hazards such as potholes, floods, or even accidents. Waze will then proceed to automatically update your route to avoid these congestions based on reports.

Waze navigation app Malaysia

When using the app, you can enter information such as the type of vehicle being driven, your fuel type, and the option to avoid toll roads.

One of the disadvantages of Waze is that it is a driving-only app - hence not applicable for pedestrians, cyclists, or public transportation users, unlike Google Maps.

CarTellWhich one did our community choose?

Based on votes by members of CarTell, the majority of them use Waze more than Google Maps. As many as 62.5% chose Waze compared to Google Maps, with only 37.5% choosing the latter. Personally, I'm not really surprised by the findings because I have always been under the impression that more people use Waze. My immediate and extended family use Waze including my elderly parents. Come to think of it, I don't recall anyone I know that uses Google Maps for navigation. Do you?

So which one is better? Google Maps or Waze? 

Since the same company owns both navigation apps, they share mapping data that gives them almost the same capabilities. We have come to the conclusion that the major differences are that the apps have different target users, and which suits you also determines the type of navigation experience you want.

Waze is a good navigation app for daily use as its community provides live time traffic updates for road conditions which are especially handy in Malaysia. It helps keep other road users aware of accidents, banjir or floods, bad traffic conditions, or even roadblocks. Google Maps, on the other hand, is perfect for long trips on the weekends where adventure and leisure beckon, simply because you can get more information such as hotels, restaurants, places to visit, and nearby attractions - that is even ranked by the community.  

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

Pengunaan Orang Tengah (Runner) Dalam Urusan JPJ – Sah Atau Salah?

Pengunaan Orang Tengah (Runner) Dalam Urusan JPJ – Sah Atau Salah?


Anda pasti selalu dengar terma orang tengah atau runner JPJ sebelum ini. Persoalannya, adakah penggunaan orang tengah dalam menyelesaikan urusan JPJ sah di sisi undang-undang?

Baru-baru ini, seorang runner JPJ didenda RM17,500 dan penjara satu hari selepas mengaku bersalah di atas tiga pertuduhan menerima rasuah membabitkan pengeluaran lesen memandu pada 2017.

Dalam kes ini, runner berkenaan telah memberi suapan wang tunai sebagai dorongan untuk pegawai badan awam di Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) yang dikenalinya bagi mengeluarkan lesen memandu kelas B2 dan D tanpa perlu melalui ujian memandu pada 2017.

Mengikut Seksyen 16(a)(B) Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah 2009, beliau boleh dikenakan hukuman penjara sehingga 20 tahun dan denda lima kali ganda jumlah nilai suapan atau RM10,000 mengikut mana lebih tinggi.

lesen kereta,lesen memandu,LKM

Sehubungan dengan kes tersebut, adakah penggunaan servis runner JPJ ini masih boleh dipercayai dan sah untuk digunakan?

Sebenarnya, penggunaan orang tengah untuk menguruskan urusan berkaitan JPJ tidak salah di sisi undang-undang. Orang tengah biasanya diperlukan oleh mereka yang tiada masa untuk pergi ke JPJ untuk menyelesaikan urusan seperti tukar hak milik kereta, pindah nombor plat kenderaan, pembaharuan cukai jalan atau penukaran enjin kenderaan.

Kehadiran runner ini sedikit sebanyak memudahkan sesetengah orang untuk berurusan dengan JPJ tanpa perlu bersusah payah beratur di kaunter. Walau bagaimanapun, timbul juga isu orang awam yang mengadu kerana dikenakan caj berlebihan oleh orang tengah terbabit bagi mempercepat urusan di kaunter JPJ atau PUSPAKOM.

kaunter JPJ*Kredit foto: Malay Mail

Penggunaan orang tengah tidak salah, namun di mana ada kesenangan, di situ ada caj dikenakan. Menurut perkongsian yang pernah dikeluarkan oleh JPJ sebelum ini, caj yang dikenakan oleh sesetengah runner juga agak tinggi sehingga mencecah RM700 hingga ribuan ringgit.

Kebiasaannya, alasan perlu menunggu lama dan malas beratur di PUSPAKOM sering menjadi sebab khidmat orang tengah ini diperlukan. Menurut JPJ, hal sebegitu sering terjadi kerana pelanggan datang ke PUSPAKOM tanpa membuat temu janji terlebih dahulu.

Walaupun PUSPAKOM menerima pelanggan secara walk-in, namun PUSPAKOM amat menggalakkan pelanggan yang mahu membuat pemeriksaan untuk membuat temu janji terlebih dahulu sebelum datang ke PUSPAKOM.

Sebaiknya, bawalah kereta anda ke PUSPAKOM sendiri kerana anda boleh mendapat lebih pengetahuan tentang keadaan semasa kenderaan anda memandangkan kakitangan PUSPAKOM di sana sedia membantu dan memberi khidmat nasihat kepada pelanggan berhubung kenderaan mereka.


Sebelum ini, pelbagai notis juga telah dikeluarkan JPJ agar orang ramai terus berurusan di kaunter tetapi masih ada yang menggunakan khidmat orang tengah walaupun mereka ini mengenakan caj berlebihan. Bagi mereka yang tiada masa dan masih mampu untuk membayar orang tengah untuk memudahkan urusan dengan JPJ, silakan.

Namun bagi mereka yang tiada masa dan tak mahu menggunakan khidmat runner bagi urusan-urusan yang melibatkan JPJ dan PUSPAKOM, amatlah digalakkan untuk mendaftar diri ke sistem dalam talian yang memberi akses kepada pelbagai perkhidmatan JPJ tanpa menggunakan sebarang khidmat orang tengah seperti portal mySIKAP.


Dengan mySIKAP, anda boleh melakukan beberapa transaksi dalam talian untuk urusan melibatkan kenderaan motor dan pelesenan pemandu. Antara transaksi yang boleh dilakukan adalah seperti berikut:

  • Kenderaan: Melihat dan menguruskan transaksi kenderaan seperti memperbaharui dan membatalkan lesen kenderaan motor (LKM), memohon atau membatalkan kenderaan anda sementara waktu, pindah milik sukarela, membatalkan pendaftaran kenderaan  untuk berpindah ke negara lain serta kemaskini atau memohon untuk memperolehi pek maklumat kenderaan.
  • Lesen Memandu: Pembaharuan lesen boleh dilaksanakan di portal mySIKAP serta permohonan lain seperti permit memandu antarabangsa, rayuan bagi lesen memandu tamat tempoh, penukaran lesen dari asing / tentera atau anggota polis kepada lesen memandu Malaysia, kemaskini alamat dan penambahan kelas atau permintaan untuk maklumat lesen memandu penuh anda.
  • Kesalahan dan Penalti: Semakan boleh dilakukan bagi saman/notis serta penalti kenderaan anda dan seterusnya pembayaran atas talian. Selain itu, semakan-semakan lain yang boleh dilakukan adalah status kenderaan (senarai hitam atau dirampas), mata KEJARA dan tempoh penggantungan lesen.
  • Pengurusan Profil: Pengemaskinian butir-butir peribadi anda dan menukar kata laluan.
  • Perkhidmatan Lain: Permohonan pendaftaran kereta klasik dan vintaj, kemalangan dan kelulusan membaiki serta rayuan jika gagal pemeriksaan PUSPAKOM.

Dengan cara ini, segalanya di hujung jari sahaja tanpa sebarang caj tersembunyi!