Beijing 2018: Toyota C-HR Debuts In China With 2.0L Engine - One Car, Two Names

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Beijing 2018: Toyota C-HR Debuts In China With 2.0L Engine - One Car, Two Names

Toyota has launched the C-HR in China at the on-going 2018 Beijing Motor Show. Like so many models aimed at China, the C-HR is sold under two different nameplates, one each for Toyota's two local joint-ventures tasked to produce and sell the cars in China - FAW-Toyota and Guangzhou-Toyota. The former will sell the CH-R under the international nameplate while the latter will sell it as the Izoa.

Prices have yet to be announced as the two China-made models will only go on sale there later this year.

Both the Toyota C-HR and Izoa have an identical powertrain - a 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated Dynamic Force four-cylinder petrol engine that does 171 hp and 203 Nm, hooked up to a CVT-type automatic driving the front-wheels.

Similarities continue inside, as both models are nearly identical. The key difference is the head unit – the C-HR gets an 8-inch touchscreen head unit, while the Izoa gets a slightly larger 9-inch unit.

As for the exterior design, the Toyota C-HR and Izoa feature a slightly different front bumper design from one another, with the latter featuring a front bumper that closely resembles that of the US-spec C-HR, while the former features the front bumper that’s found on the European, Japanese, Australian, and Thai models. Both the C-HR and Izoa wear 215/60 R17 rubbers all round, though with slightly different wheel designs. 

The two display models also show a different two-tone colour scheme, with the C-HR having white-painted A-pillars and roof while the Izoa has black-painted ones.

Apart from petrol-powered variants of the Toyota C-HR and Izoa, Toyota has announces plans for an all-electric C-HR/Izoa some time in 2020, also produced in China exclusively for the domestic market.

Also on display at Toyota's booth are two plug-in hybrid variants of the Corolla Altis. 

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