Mazda Reveals Weight Of US-Spec MX-5, Drive It In Forza Horizon 2


Before we jump into the details of the car pack for the game, Mazda also took this opportunity to reveal something even more significant, the weight of the actual, physical, real life US-spec car. And that magic number is 1,058 kg for the manual variant and 1,080 kg for the automatic. Now that doesn’t sound very exciting but looking back at the previous generations of the MX-5, it is amazing to know that the newest, fourth-generation model is 68 kg lighter than its predecessor, the third-generation NC.

In fact, if we look back at the first-generation NA model, it weighed 940 kg and the second-generation NB model weight 1,065 kg. That is a pretty amazing feat to keep the roadster’s weight in check for the past 25 years, even with the additional technologies added to it since then. It was also announced previously that production of the MX-5 has begun at the company's Hiroshima plant.

Now, back to the car pack and with the download, these cars will be made available to you:

  • 2016 MX-5
  • 2010 MX-5 Super20 SEMA concept car
  • 1990 MX-5
  • 2005 MAZDASPEED MX-5


My first impressions of a dream car should be a ridiculous top speed with physics defying cornering capabilities, namely the Ferraris, Paganis and what not. Deep down, I just want something that makes you feel special when you drive it, expensive or not.


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