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Toyota C-HR Takes Top Spot In Thailand's Car Of The Year

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Toyota C-HR Takes Top Spot In Thailand's Car Of The Year

Let's look at this realistically. The Toyota C-HR is a car that has garnered a lot of controversy locally, but overseas it has been received incredibly well by critics and customers alike. Rumour has it that Thailand has halted exports of the C-HR because it's become such an unexpected hit that factories are scrambling to keep up with orders. The harshest critics of the C-HR have continuously accused the car of being poor on spec in comparison to rivals, but Thailand thinks otherwise.

This year's Thailand Car of the Year sees the Toyota C-HR taking top honours, scoring a total of 382 points with a panel of judges from the Thai Automotive Journalists Associations. This is head and shoulders above the Mazda CX-5, which came in at 307 points, and the Suzuki Swift, which managed 260 points. These are three left-field cars that do an incredible job of punching above the belt, and to be recognized for it is no small feat.

Over the years, the previous winners of this prestigious award have been the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-3, and Ford Everest. Perhaps the fact that the last few years have seen SUVs as winners may be owed to the Thai markets' disposition to high-riding vehicles, but even so they are all solid contenders in their respective fields, and the Toyota C-HR just happens to be the latest in this line.

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