Renault and Italian Mobility Giants Launch Sicily Eco Tour

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Renault and Italian Mobility Giants Launch Sicily Eco Tour

Renault, together with ‘Sicily by Car’, a leading car rental company in Italy and Enel, the country’s largest energy supplier, announced that they will be rolling out the ‘Eco Tour di Sicilia’ initiative.

It is said that the program, which will add 200 Renault ZOEs to Sicily by Car’s fleet, will enable people to tour the whole of Sicily exclusively by electric car.

The Tour di Sicilia initiative, which is the first of its kind in Italy and Europe, aims to overcome the obstacles that hamper green mobility in Sicily, such as limited vehicle range or a lack of charging stations.

Bernard Chrétien, CEO, Renault Italy said, “By supporting e-mobility, we are enhancing and protecting the extraordinary natural, artistic and cultural heritage of which the Sicily region is such an excellent example.”

The Renault ZOE is currently the only mass-market electric car on the market to offer an NEDC range of 402km, equivalent to about 300km in real-world conditions.

The eco-tour project will also deploy a network of charging stations on the island: up to 400 Enel chargers are to be installed in the region’s principal cities and along tourist itineraries, where residents will be able to use these public charging stations for their own electric vehicles.

According to Renault, the opportunity to take a long road trip while enjoying regular access to charging points will bring unexplored freedom of movement to all-electric travel in both urban and rural settings.

Electric vehicles are also key to cleaner air and better health for city dwellers. And since they do not run on fossil fuels, they help drive the automobile industry’s energy transition.

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