Suzuki To Produce EVs For Toyota In India

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Suzuki To Produce EVs For Toyota In India

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki) announced that they have finalised the agreement to produce and sell electric vehicles (EVs) in India in the year 2020.

According to the agreement which was signed back in February, Suzuki will not only produce EVs for itself but also supply some to Toyota, while Toyota will provide technical support.

Additionally, Toyota and Suzuki also intend to conduct a comprehensive study of activities for the widespread acceptance and popular use of EVs in India.

The activities encompass the establishment of charging stations, human resources development that includes training for after-service technicians employed throughout sales networks, and systems for the appropriate treatment of end-of-life batteries.

EVs aside, Suzuki has announced that it intends to construct a lithium-ion battery plant on the grounds of its recently opened automobile plant in the Indian state of Gujarat and produce batteries, electric motors and other major components locally.

The company says that the plan is an effort to help the Indian government fulfil its "Make in India" initiative, even in the field of EVs.

Efforts like these are all part of India's plans to rapidly promote automotive transition to EVs under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  

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