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Toyota Sienta, Avanza, Rush Prices Up RM3,000 To RM6,000

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Toyota Sienta, Avanza, Rush Prices Up RM3,000 To RM6,000

Last week, we reported that the excise duty for seven-seater multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) with engine capacities of 1,500 cc and below was set to increase from 60 to 65 percent.

Thus far, we can confirm that UMW Toyota Motor has increased the price of the Toyota Sienta, Rush and Avanza.

Here are the updated Toyota Sienta 1.5 prices :

  • Toyota Sienta 1.5G - RM96,900, increase of RM4,000 from RM92,900
  • Toyota Sienta 1.5V - RM103,900, increase of RM4,000 from RM99,900

As for the Toyota Avanza:

  • Toyota Avanza 1.3E MT - RM75,980, increase of RM3,700 from RM72,280
  • Toyota Avanza 1.5E AT - RM82,980, increase of RM4,010 from RM78,970
  • Toyota Avanza 1.5G AT - RM84,980, increase of RM3,310 from RM81,670
  • Toyota Avanza 1.5S AT - RM87,980, increase of RM4,000 from RM83,980

Last but not least is the Toyota Rush:

  • Toyota Rush 1.5G MT - RM109,900, increase of RM4,990 from RM104,910
  • Toyota Rush 1.5G AT - RM112,910, increase of RM6,010 from RM106,900
  • Toyota Rush 1.5S AT - RM115,900, increase of RM6,000 from RM109,900

On top of these Toyota models, the Perodua Alza, Proton Ertiga and Honda BR-V are also affected by the increase in excise duty. Perodua, Proton and Honda have yet to announce the increase in price, though that can change anytime. Unlike the earlier mentioned Toyota models, these three are locally assembled. 

Proton is currently running a promotion for the Ertiga, where buyers can enjoy a RM1,500 discount on top of 5-year free service.


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