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What You Need To Know About the Toyota Yaris

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What You Need To Know About the Toyota Yaris

You’re looking to buy a new car. You don’t need something high riding, so pickup trucks and SUVs are out. You want something compact, so you’re looking towards the B-segment of cars. And maybe you decide you’re willing to give up the extra boot space in favour of ease of parking. It sounds like what you need is a compact hatchback.

The Toyota Yaris ticks those boxes. It sits on the same platform as the Toyota Vios, and even shares its powertrain as well. But Toyota has made a couple of tweaks and changes to the Yaris in order to capitalize on its smaller overall footprint and make it a little more fun to drive. But if you’re going to look at the Yaris, it’s good to narrow down what you’re looking for to pick the best variant for you.

There are three variants of the Toyota Yaris to choose from – 1.5J, 1.5E, or 1.5G. The good thing is that no matter which you pick, you’re going to have a healthy amount of features and options – such is the nature of Toyota’s latest model line-up which goes the distance when it comes to meeting consumer expectations.

The most paramount of these is safety. Whichever Yaris you end up choosing, you will get Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control, as well as seven SRS airbags and ISOFIX at the rear to properly belt your child seat in – if you need to. If you want to go the distance and would like the Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, you will have to opt for the 1.5E or 1.5G models.

Opting for the 1.5J gives you 15-inch steel wheels, while the other variants get 16-inch alloy wheels. Other aesthetic changes are projector headlamps and LED rear lamps, as well as indicators on the wing mirrors – which automatically fold – and front fog lamps. These might be relatively small changes, but together they can really offset the way a car looks.

In terms of interior materials, all three models get the same black fabric with blue stitching – a nice bit of colour in a usually drab segment. Only the 1.5E gets a Multi Info Display, while the 1.5G sees that becoming part of the TFT screen that sits in its Optitron meter cluster – exclusive to this variant. Steering wheel switches also increase in number as you go up the list of variants, from none in the 1.5J, to Audio and Bluetooth in the 1.5E, and the addition of Multi Info Display controls in the 1.5G.


The entertainment system also sees upgrades depending on the variant. If you are happy streaming music from your mobile device, the 1.5J has you covered with a basic head unit that can play CDs, radio, or MP3s from USB or Aux sources, and even Bluetooth connectivity. Spring for the 1.5E or 1.5G and you get a 6.8-inch touch screen with all the above, and USB mirroring and voice control. You also get two more speakers for a total of six, compared to the 1.5J’s four speaker setup.

There are also a couple of extra goodies that owners will receive if they opt for the higher level variants. Premium Security and Solar Tint is included in the purchase price of the 1.5E and 1.5G, along with a Digital Video Recorder (or dashcam, as it’s more commonly known), and a reverse camera setup. It’s a pretty nifty package that more than makes up for the price difference across the range.

So what are the actual price differences between the three models? The entry level 1.5J comes in at RM 70,888, while the 1.5E goes for RM 76,888, and the top of the line 1.5G sits at RM 83,888. All three models come with a five year, unlimited mileage warranty for some true peace of mind. Of course, the only way to really know if the Toyota Yaris is the car for you is to visit your nearest Toyota showroom and test it for yourself.

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