New Kia Sorento Teased

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New Kia Sorento Teased

Love KIA's muscular looking Telluride but disappointed that it might never reach our shores? 

Be disappointed no more, because from the teasers that KIA just released; it looks like the new Sorento will take cues from its bigger brother and look as B** A**.

Destined for debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, the 2021 Sorento looks like it will drastically move away from the soft design of the current generation Sorento and move on to a more aggressive look.

With a bigger and more pronounced "Tiger Grill/Nose" at the front the Sorento looks meaner than ever. The rear on the hand with those vertical taillights looks like a copy and paste job from the Telluride. 

There is still no official word about what's underneath the bonnet, but KIA has been working on a hybrid and hybrid-plug-in powerplant. If we look at automotive trends, we can expect some form of electrification from KIA.

We'd be happy with just the diesel engine from the current Sorento as it is one frugal yet powerful engine. We can't wait to get our hands on one! 


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