New Upcoming Nissan X-Trail Looks Bad A**

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New Upcoming Nissan X-Trail Looks Bad A**

Hate it or love it, The Nissan X-Trail is one of the most iconic Japanese SUVs ever produced, and if we look at some of these leaked pictures of what the 2021 X-Trail will look like, it seems likely that this trend is set to continue!

Leaked by netizens on the worldscoop forum,  the picture of the exterior and interior follows patent images that were released a couple of weeks ago, and oh boy are we glad that the new leaked photos look even better than the patent.

Coming in a more boxier yet sharper design, which generally bodes well for an SUV, the 2021 X-Trail is pleasing to the eyes- something that recent Nissans lacked. Compared to its predecessor, which we think was a bit softy-softy on the looks side, this upcoming Nissan SUV looks macho and aggressive- something that Nissan used to be good at doing.

Part of this aggressive look is thanks to Nissan's new family look which incorporates the V-Motion grille as well as chunkier body parts near the wheel areas and bonnet. Although the 2021 X-Trail's exterior is more of an evolved look, the interior looks wholly overhauled and is a significant departure from the bland interior of the current generation.  If the production car's interior looks anything like the pictures, we say, well done Nissan, well done.  

The dash now incorporates a nicely shaped floating screen, and that digital meter cluster surrounds look pretty neat too. Nissan has always managed to produce really comfortable seats, and fingers crossed if Nissan retains the design of the seats from the pictures, we will then have X-Trail seats which have a touch of class as well as comfort. The automatic looking shifter looks modern and fresh, especially with that piano black finish around it. 

We're glad to see that there is a round 4-wheel drive selector just below the gear shifter, a solid claim that it will continue the X-Trails tradition of having a proper 4-wheel drive system, the rear of the car also has the AWD (All Wheel Drive) badge. The taillights sit high up just like the current X-Trail, but somehow Nissan has managed to make it look even more fluid than before. 

We contacted Nissan's distributor in Malaysia, and unfortunately they have no news yet to share about the release of the new X-Trail. Saying that however, the Nissan Rogue (X-Trail in Malaysia, Rogue in North America) has been reported for unveiling in North America in the coming months, so we can speculate that it will be here in Malaysia at the beginning of next year. The current X-Trail retails from RM133k all the way up to RM160k, so we can perhaps expect the prices to be around this region or maybe perhaps even less due to the current economic conditions. We will have to wait and see. We expect Nissan to want to push this vehicle out fast, as they require a good seller, and this X-Trail has all the makings of one.  


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