Award Winning SUV To Be Used As Official Car For JUSA Grade Officers

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Award Winning SUV To Be Used As Official Car For JUSA Grade Officers

There was a recent delivery of a Proton X70 to Dato’ Shahrol Anuwar Sarman, Statutory Bodies Division Secretary for the Strategic Management Division of the MoF (Ministry of Finance) which came with more significant news. 

That news was that the Proton X70 is set to become one of the official vehicles for the Public Sector Super Scale (JUSA) officers. Although not mentioning which level of JUSA officers it will be given to, over 500 confirmed orders of Malaysia's award-winning SUV had been made. With 400 already delivered,  the X70 is about to become the new 'It' car for government officials.

“The Proton X70 has been an invaluable contributor to PROTON’s success in 2019 so we are proud it now plays a formal role for the public services sector. This proves its suitability for a number of tasks including representing various ministries at local and international level events. We are also therefore expecting to receive more orders for the Proton X70 from various government departments in 2020,” said Dr Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON. 

The decision by the Malaysia government and SPANCO to order the Proton X70 for its fleet is the second major announcement involving the SUV and the Malaysian government.  Earlier in December, it was announced a fleet of Proton X70s would be used to support the year-long Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2020 forum. 

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