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BMW Films Releases The Escape, features BMW G30 5 Series


BMW Films Releases The Escape, features BMW G30 5 Series

It's finally here. The Escape, a short film by BMW that we talked about earlier, was released over the weekend- and it is every bit as good as we hoped. The cast is a little more star studded this time, with Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds, I Am Sam) and Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead) joining the prerequisite Clive Owen. Not to say that the original BMW Films were lacking in production value, but it is vastly clear that the budget for this new film is much, much higher. 

The choice of Neill Blomkamp as a director is also reflective of the times; his movies are the best blend of practical effects and CGI and a solid reflection of this era of filmmaking. Without spoiling too much for you, the film features a few exciting chase sequences- although perhaps not as much as we were hoping for in terms of driving action. Still though, the acting and the storyline are on point, and even seeing the new 5 Series being tossed around and peppered with bullets is entertainment enough. We only hope that this will not be but a brief revival of the BMW Films department, and hopefully we will see more to come. 

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