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End of the road for the Mercedes-Benz CLS, no replacement incoming

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End of the road for the Mercedes-Benz CLS, no replacement incoming

An official from Mercedes-Benz Australia has confirmed that the CLS will be discontinued.

Before the introduction of Mercedes' CLS, luxury car buyers only had a choice between traditional sedans or sporty coupes, but no option combined the two in a single package. 

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Malaysia

The CLS was designed to bridge this gap, offering the practicality and comfort of a sedan with the sporty and dynamic driving experience of a coupe.

Well, in a world where SUVs are king and also come with a sporty drive and coupe-like shapes, it seems like that there is no space for the CLS, which is why it has been reported that Mercedes-Benz will be discontinuing the CLS.

Although there's no big announcement, an official from the company's Australian division has told CarExpert that production of the four-door coupe will come to an end in August. 

Mercedes-Benz CLS discontinued

We suppose this question was a long time coming as Mercedes-Benz Australia had pulled the listing for the CLS from their online configurator for some time now.

According to "the automaker's local representative said it has stopped accepting orders as customers are being redirected toward the recently introduced E-Class (W214): Orders have ceased and production for the current CLS will end August this year in preparation for the new E-Class."

The Mercedes-Benz CLS was created to fill a niche in the luxury car market for a high-performance, four-door coupe. It was first introduced in 2004, and it quickly gained popularity for its sleek and stylish design, as well as its impressive performance and handling.

CLS AMG Malaysia 2023

In Malaysia, the third generation and probably last gen CLS was introduced in 2018. Three variants were offered over the years, including the CLS350, CLS450 and the CLS 53 4Matic+ which featured 435hp and 520Nm of torque. The 53 also had an EQ Boost integrated starter generator which gave an extra 21hp and 250Nm of torque over short periods.

Mercedes-Benz's website in Germany still offers the CLS, with 8 different variants to choose from, all the way from a diesel powerplants to a fire breathing AMG variant.

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