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Frankfurt 2015: Nissan Gripz Concept Set To Preview New Z Model?

Gerard September 14, 2015 11:27

Merely days after Nissan dropped a teaser image of a concept that will debut at the upcoming 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Japanese carmaker has now revealed the name of its concept – Gripz, along with a few more details and visuals of the crossover.

First up, the Gripz draws its inspiration from the iconic Nissan 240Z desert race cars as well as the “sleek two-wheel world of road cycling” and “was conceived to create an innovative new driving sensation.” That further adds to speculations that the concept’s purpose may be as a preview of the next generation Juke or a performance crossover that replaces the current Nissan 370Z.

Meanwhile, the new teaser image gives us a look at the Gripz's front fascia that features a Maxima-like grille. The slim headlights appear to be come with daytime-running lights as well.

The accompanying promo video includes shots of Z racers and a V6 engine, which may further add to the possibility of a new Z model being previewed but until the Nissan Gripz concept makes its debut in Frankfurt, it remains to be seen.

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